Bureau de littérature d'Afrique orientale

Land : intergouvernemental
Gründung : 1967
org_stop_date : 1977
Anmerkung :
Cesse d'exister à la disparition de la Communauté de l'Afrique orientale
Andere Namen : Bureau de littérature d'Afrique orientale. Nairobi
Communauté de l'Afrique orientale. Bureau de littérature d'Afrique orientale
Communauté de l'Afrique orientale. East African literature bureau
East African literature bureau (anglais)

Activities of Bureau de littérature d'Afrique orientale (77)

Éditeur scientifique (62)

Essays on African religion in Western Kenya
The Uniformed man
The Foreign policy of despair
Topics in East African history: 1000-1970
The central Lwo during the Aconya
The Stubborn
The Strategy of rural development
State succession to treaties in respect of newly independent African states
National agrarianism 3
In black and white
King Mirabo
History and social change in East Africa
Trials and tribulations in Sandu's home
Colonial capitalism and labour in Kenya 1919-1939
Adult education and the development of socialism in Tanzania
The African civilization
Development of education in Kenya
Multilateral aid for national development and selfreliance
Port development in East Africa
Regalia Galore
Relative modernization and public resource allocation in Kenya
The Spontaneous settlement problem in Kenya
The Swords of Kirinyaga
Pilgrimage to nowhere
The Politics of State formation
Bunge la Tanzania
Singing with the night
Simplified Swahili
Towards Ujamaa
The Way to power
Health and disease in Kenya
Growing up
Embu historical texts
1,000 Kikuyu proverbs
The Paradox of collaboration
Thirteen offensives against our enemies
Economic independence in Africa
The Maasai
National agrarianism
National agrarianism 2
National agrarianism 1
Adult education and national development
Administrative law in East Africa
Standpoints on African literature
Customary land law of Tanzania
Readings in African international relations 1
Literature and society in modern Africa
Readings in African international relations
A Runyankore grammar
Readings in African international relations 2
Religion of the central Luo
The Portuguese period in East Africa
Day after tomorrow
The Kipsigis
Just a moment, God!
Kikuyu folktales
Evolution of tourism in East Africa
A History of Zanzibar
This time tomorrow
A Course in Lugbara
Johari za Kiswahili

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