Herman Melville (1819-1891)

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Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : New York (États-Unis), 01-08-1819
Tod : New York (États-Unis), 28-09-1891
Anmerkung :
Romancier, poète et essayiste
Sachgruppe : Littératures
Andere Namen : German Melvill (1819-1891)
Hermann Melville (1819-1891)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2125 135X

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Pour saluer Melville
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The new Melville studies
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Herman Melville
Marins, renégats & autres parias
Melville's intervisionary network
Alcohol in the writings of Herman Melville
A companion to Herman Melville
American terror
Zen and the white whale
Facing Melville, facing Italy
The Melville-Hawthorne connection
The new Cambridge companion to Herman Melville
Herman Melville
Writing the seaman's tale in law and literature
Writing beyond prophecy
Melville's antithetical muse
Reading in a participatory culture
A political companion to Herman Melville
Leggere Melville
Melville as poet
Antebellum at sea
Melville and the idea of blackness
The characteristic theology of Herman Melville
Figures of simplicity
Melville and aesthetics
Melville's mirrors
Strange Jeremiahs
Melville and the theme of boredom
Writing for the street, writing in the garret
African culture and Melville's art
Melville, mapping and globalization
How to construct a temple
American writers in Istanbul
Cannibal old me
Mocha Dick o La ballena blanca del Pacífio
American risorgimento
Melville's Bibles
Hawthorne and Melville
The arbiters of reality
The representation of the savage in James Fenimore Cooper and Herman Melville
Herman Melville and the American calling
Critical companion to Herman Melville
Frederick Douglass & Herman Melville
The Cambridge Introduction to Herman Melville
"Whole oceans away"
Student companion to Herman Melville
Herman Melville
Melville and women
Ottocento e dintorni
Herman Melville e Cesare Pavese
L'imagination biographique et critique
Melville's monumental imagination
A companion to Herman Melville
Voci del mare
Herman Melville
Tolerable entertainment
Exiled royalties
A historical guide to Herman Melville
Understanding Melville's short fiction
Melville's allusions to religion
Melville's "Clarel" and the intersympathy of creeds
Les prophéties du texte-Léviathan
Melville & Milton
Protest and the body in Melville, Dos Passos and Hurston
Monumental Melville
Literature, disaster, and the enigma of power
Herman Melville
Dead letters to the New World
Herman Melville Volume 2
Modernity at sea
Literature and moral reform
Journal de voyage
Herman Melville A to Z
Herman Melville
Melville's short novels
Hunting Captain Ahab
Melville "among the nations"
Melville's folk roots
Solitude and society in the works of Herman Melville and Edith Wharton
The night inspector
Melville's anatomies
The Cambridge companion to Herman Melville
Symbolism in Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick"
The sign of the cannibal
Rhetorical deception in the short fiction of Hawthorne, Poe and Melville
Der Grundgedanke Schopenhauers bei Melville
Herman Melville
Melville, shame, and the evil eye$
Marginalia de Melville
The raven and the whale
Melville's evermoving dawn
Melville and the visual arts
Le traduzioni italiane di Herman Melville e Gertrude Stein
Herman Melville
Cosmopolis and truth
Correspondent colorings
The weaver-god, he weaves
Herman Melville Volume 1
Strike through the mask
Melville's city
Satirical apocalypse
Herman Melville
Melville and his circle
The reality of appearances
The mystery of iniquity
Will and representation
Melville's art of democracy
Pour saluer Melville
A Herman Melville encyclopedia
Unpainted to the last
Herman Melville
Melville's muse
After the whale
Herman Melville
Herman Melville
The private Melville
Allegorie impossibili
Melville's science
Melville and repose
The Civil War world of Herman Melville
Critical theory and the novel
Melville and Melville studies in Japan
The magic glass
Herman Melville's Malcolm letter
Cast by means of figures
Borges y Melville
Ulisse e la balena bianca
American heralds of the spirit
"Words are things"
Law in art
Melville and Turner
Melville's complaint
White fire
Herman Melville
Fiktion und Wirklichkeit
Savage eye
Herman Melville
The Hawthorne and Melville friendship
A semiotic and psychoanalytic interpretation of Herman Melville's fiction
Checklist of Melville reviews
Domestic individualism
No mysteries out of ourselves
A Melville encyclopedia
Songs of American experience
The twisted mind
The consolations of space
Cross-examinations of law and literature
White lies
Jason's voyage
Melville's use of Spenser
Pious impostures and unproven words
Architects of the abyss
Some other world to find
The Victorian "Fol sage"
Empire for liberty
Americana 3
The white monk
The power of blackness
Melville's reading
Mourning, gender, and creativity in the art of Herman Melville
Aesthetic headaches
Cross-examinations of law and literature
On Melville
Herman Melville
Melville's sources
Giono et la mer
Herman Melville
Herman Melville's "Billy Budd", "Benito Cereno", "Bartleby the scrivener", and other tales
Frammenti di un sogno
D'où viens-tu, Hawthorne ?
Herman Melville
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