Transmission des textes

Schlagwort : Transmission des textes
Quelldatei : RAMEAU
Sachgruppe : Sciences de l'information et de la documentation
Verweisungsformen : Histoire des textes
Manuscrits -- Transmission
Textes, Tradition des
Textes, Transmission des
Tradition des textes
Tradition manuscrite
Transmission des manuscrits
Transmission de textes

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Übertragungen heiliger Texte in Judentum, Christentum und Islam
Pouvoir de l'écriture, pouvoir sur l'écriture dans la Renaissance italienne
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Donatus alter
What is the history of the book ?
El comentario de Juan Pediásimo a los Cuerpos celestes de Cleomedes
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Rethinking 'authority' in late Antiquity
Raconter en prose
Vom Papyrus zum Internet
P. Beatty III (P47)
De l'(id)entité textuelle au cours du Moyen âge tardif
Introduction to working with manuscripts for medievalists
Imagination and narrative
Ritualized writing
Raconter en prose
Shaping knowledge
Texts and contexts of the Book of Sirach
De l'(id)entité textuelle au cours du Moyen âge tardif
The dynamics of the medieval manuscript
Lothringen, Paris
Deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters in Thüringen
Per la storia della tradizione degli epigrammata Bobiensia
Philologie, herméneutique et histoire des textes entre Orient et Occident
Writing and communication in early Egyptian monasticism
Exzerpieren, Kompilieren, Tradieren
Secrets and discovery in the Middle Ages
Traductor scriptor
The transmission of "Beowulf"
Corpus subscriptionum
Prolegomena zur Editio Teubneriana des Lukrez
Ex Oriente Lux
The process of authority
Maasiana & Callimachea
Verlorenes Mittelalter
Le forme del libro
Fruits of learning
Literary Coteries and the Making of Modern Print Culture
Manuscript circulation and the invention of politics in early Stuart England
Translatio Linguarum
Conservazione e perdita dei classici
The aura of the word in the early age of print
Le "De scientiis Alfarabii" de Gérard de Crémone
Manuscripts changing hands
Latin literature and its transmission
Traducción y transmisión doctrinal de la medicina grecolatina desde la Antigüedad hasta el mundo moderno
The literary culture of early modern Scotland
Überlieferungsgeschichte transdisziplinär
Al-Manṣūrī fī ʼṭ-ṭibb
Canonical texts and scholarly practices
Die Stiftung von Autorschaft in der neulateinischen Literatur, ca. 1350-ca. 1650
Les circulations textuelles
Texts and contexts
The medieval manuscript book
What Catullus wrote
Hamlet after Q1
Printers without borders
L'héritage byzantin en Italie III
El Commentum Monacense a Terencio
From manuscript to e-book
Manuscripts of the Latin classics
Transnational networks and cross-religious exchange in the seventeenth-century Mediterranean and Atlantic worlds
Gender and Muslim construction of exegetical authority
Iter Victorinum
Lire en extraits
Les centres de production des manuscrits vernaculaires au Moyen âge
Les centres de production des manuscrits vernaculaires au Moyen âge
A quinientos años de la Políglota
In petiis
Textvarianz und Textstabilität
New ways of looking at old texts, V
Lire, choisir, écrire
Lecteurs et copistes dans les traditions manuscrites iraniennes, indiennes et centrasiatiques
El copista como autor
Handschriften- und Textforschung heute
Cicerone a riflettori spenti
La tradizione ms. di Anthologia Latina
Dal manoscritto al web
From text(s) to book(s)
L'étude des auteurs classiques latins aux XIe et XIIe siècles Tome IV. - 2
Literatuur en observantie
Ovid in Antike und Mittelalter
Wisigothica after M. C. Diaz y Diaz
De l'Antiquité tardive au Moyen âge
Les savoirs magiques et leur transmission de l'Antiquité à la Renaissance
Neo-Latin philology
Texts in transit
Between orality and literacy
Scribal correction and literary craft
Text, Material, Medium
Manuscript culture in Renaissance Italy
D'Orient en Occident
Scribal laws
La fabrique du lisible
Fair copies
Authority in European book culture 1400-1600
Scribes and scholars
L'incredibile storia dei libri di Numa
Printing Ausiàs March
The art of accommodation
Ope ingenii
La scrittura e i libri di Giovanni Boccaccio
Del pensamiento al texto
Scribes and scholars
The early textual history of Lucretius' De rerum natura
Transcrire et-ou traduire
La traversée européenne des "Proverbia senecae"
Renaissance cultural crossroads
Religious controversy in Europe
Limits to learning
La trasmissione dei testi latini del medioevo
Work in progress
L'histoire au conditionnel
Text, Reihe, Transmission
Editors, scholars, and the social text
La trasmissione dei testi latini del Medioevo
La tradizione manoscritta dell' "Encomio di Elena" e del "Plataico" di Isocrate
I papiri omerici
Finden - Gestalten - Vermitteln
Recherches sur la tradition manuscrite du "Contra Eusebium" de Nicéphore de Constantinople
Le texte médiéval
La trasmissione dei testi patristici latini
Il "Novus libellus" di Catullo
The transmission of the Avesta
Cucitori di canti
Le copiste comme auteur
I classici dal papiro a Internet
Principles of Akkadian textual criticism
Überlieferungs- und Gebrauchsspuren in historischen Buchbeständen
Performanz von Wissen
Hans Folz and print culture in late medieval Germany
Textual scholarship and the making of the New Testament
Biblioteken im Altertum
La tradizione dei testi greci in Italia meridionale
Cent cinq rondeaux d'amour
De polygonis numeris
Making the archives talk
Changes in scripture
Practicing new editions
Manuscripts and methods
Del impreso al manuscrito en los cancioneros
MiSiylwwesṭer ʿad Ziqney Ṣiywn
Un falso letterario sotto il nome di Flavio Giuseppe
Buchkultur und Wissensvermittlung in Mittelalter und Früher Neuzeit
Studies on the text of Macrobius' Saturnalia
Practice in learning
Communicating early English manuscripts
Geographies of the book
Libri di scuola e pratiche didattiche
Material readings of early modern culture
Textual cultures
Der "Willehalm"-Zyklus
Multitextuality in the Homeric Iliad
Reading the Anglo-Saxon chronicle
I papiri del romanzo antico
Condensing texts, condensed texts
Il ciclo di "Guiron le Courtois"
A guide to early printed books and manuscripts
Sulla tradizione indiretta dei testi medici greci : le traduzioni
Translatar i transferir
Guzmanes y Quijotes
Écrire et transmettre en Inde classique
Translations of authority in medieval English literature
Sulla tradizione indiretta dei testi medici greci
Oral and written transmission in chant
Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages
Boccaccio and the book
Abstractions of evidence in the study of manuscripts and early printed books
Containing multitudes
L'étude des auteurs classiques latins aux XIe et XIIe siècles Tome IV. - 1
New ways of looking at old texts, IV
Text editing, print and the digital world
L'Antiquité tardive dans les collections médiévales
Tradizione antologica dell'epigramma greco
Translatio or the transmission of culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Suave mari magno...
Vom Codex Manesse zur Kolmarer Liederhandschrift I
La trasmissione dei testi latini del Medioevo
Printing the Middle Ages
Medieval texts in context
Design and distribution of late medieval manuscripts in England
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