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Schlagwort : Perception visuelle
Quelldatei : RAMEAU
Sachgruppe : Psychologie
Verweisungsformen : Percezione visiva (italien)

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Je vois bien ce que vous voulez dire Volet 1
Je vois bien ce que vous voulez dire Volet 2
Images tactiles
Vie et mort de l'image
Le troisième oeil
Expériences sur la perception visuelle
Le troisième oeil
La syntaxe du regard
La syntaxe du regard
Le contraste simultané
Voir en couleurs

Livres (566)

Measure and design in American painting, 1760-1860
Portes closes et oeuvres invisibles
Lumen, imago, pictura
Dessiner grâce au cerveau droit
Second sight
Sculptural seeing
Visuality in the novels of Austen, Radcliffe, Edgeworth and Burney
Textil & Raum
Perspective in perspective
Visual perception
Ordinary matters
Seeing with the hands
Voir et entendre
Seeing motion
Mirror affect
Archeologie del dispositivo
Visual phenomenology
Empirische Ästhetik
Literary impressionism
Nell'occhio del pittore
SenseAbility - mediale Praktiken des Sehens und Hörens
Techniques de l'observateur
Attention, perception and action
"Der Augen Blödigkeit"
Poetik des Transvisuellen
The neuroscience of visual hallucinations
Cerebral visual impairment in children
L'oeil littéraire
Il principe invisibile
L'effet Sherlock Holmes
À perte de vue
The Oxford handbook of perceptual organization
Vision and its instruments
On not looking
In ricordo di Lucia Pizzo Russo
Cognitive iconology
Garrandés, l'éclaireur
L'oeil de l'esprit
Approche écologique de la perception visuelle
Voir le voir...
Fine art and perceptual neuroscience
Modern poetry in China
Dimensionality of the perceptual space of achromatic surface colors
Leon Battista Alberti and Nicholas Cusanus
Confronting visuality in multi-ethnic women's writing
Dessiner grâce au cerveau droit
Learning to look at sculpture
Visual acuity and the arts of communication in early modern Germany
Die Praxis des Sehens
Reading green in early modern England
Effets sanitaires potentiels des technologies audiovisuelles en 3D stéréoscopique
The innocent eye
Dessiner avec les yeux
Was heißt Ontographie?
Pariser Schnappschüsse
Eye tracking in user experience design
Visual masking
People watching
Rapid serial visual presentation
Handbook of Experimental Phenomenology
Images that move
Modern French visual theory
Bilder sehen
Des manifestations visuelles fantastiques
Astonishment and evocation
Proust and the visual
Visual rhetoric and early modern English literature
The art of the text
Sehen lassen
Vision based systems for UAV applications
Integrating face and voice in person perception
Seeing across cultures in the early modern world
Seeing differently
The elements of photography
Mathematical methods for signal and image analysis and representation
The physics of invisibility
The Influence of Attention, Learning, and Motivation on Visual Search
From perception to consciousness
Comment voient les bébés ?
L'oeil de l'esprit
Cultures of emancipation
Der gesehene Blick
Visuelle Kulturen/Visual Culture zur Einführung
Le qualità espressive
Êtes-vous auditif ou visuel ?
Colour and image
Brain and the gaze
Iconic power
Vision and brain
Die sichtbare Welt
On perceived motion and figural organization
L'oeil de l'esprit
Visual experience
Bild als Prozess
The visual dominant in eighteenth-century Russia
Why red doesn't sound like a bell
Derrida e la questione dello sguardo
Projektion und Imagination
La transparence de l'oeil
Videre et videri coincidunt
Sehen und Handeln
Bilder, Sehen, Denken
Why we see what we do redux
Image ethics in Shakespeare and Spenser
Visualization in medicine and life sciences II
La vista umana
The science of social vision
Die Jagd auf die Nymphe Echo
Bild und Stimme
Psychologie des Dialogs
Citizen spectator
Ombres et lumières
Voir & être vu
Deep skin
Das Bild im Plural
Visual art and education in an era of designer capitalism
Gaining insights beyond time and error
Il comportamento visivo
Tutorials in visual cognition
Éclairage d'intérieur et ambiances visuelles
Mapping the social body
Social psychology of visual perception
Seeing objects
Comment voyons-nous ?
Regard sur l'image
Early modern eyes
The culture of diagram
Ghost-seers, detectives, and spiritualists
Illustrations, optics and objects in nineteenth-century literary and visual cultures
The contents of visual experience
Rethinking theories and practices of imaging
Luoghi comuni
L'aveugle et le philosophe ou Comment la cécité donne à penser
Du regard à l'émotion
Perception and cognition
Lumière, vision et peinture
The red and the real
Auditory and visual sensations
Arbeit der Bilder
La polysémie des verbes de perception visuelle
Narrating the visual in Shakespeare
JCJ Vanderheyden
Il timpano dell'occhio
Circuits in the brain
The mirror, the window, and the telescope
Sguardi dall'opaco
Visual memory
Visual thinking for design
Visualization in medicine and life sciences
Shape understanding system
Space and sense
Romanticism and visuality
Discourse, vision, and cognition
Art and perception
Écrits timides sur le visible
Langage & visualisation
Le traité du regard
Il mio triangolo
Memory, images, and the English Corpus Christi drama
A familiar strangeness
Cultura visuale
La finestra del testo
Ways of seeing
Visual culture studies
La construction des concepts scientifiques
La percepción visual
Neurogéométrie de la vision
Il corpo delle immagini
Voir et penser
Image and response in early Europe
Ambivalenzen der Sichtbarkeit
La lanterna magica di Tristram Shandy
Gesetze des Sehens
Principles of visual attention
Vision, reflection, and desire in western painting
In the mind's eye
Images and identity in fifteenth-century Florence
Visual perception
Object recognition, attention, and action
Voir et penser
Eye tracking methodology
The world at a glance
Beeld oog brein
Automotive lighting and human vision
Sensational modernism
Edith Wharton and the visual arts
Brain visual processing units and language evolution
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