Lewis Theobald (1688-1744)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Sittingbourne, GB, 1688
Tod : Londres, 18-09-1744
Anmerkung :
Homme de lettres, éditeur de Shakespeare. - Baptisé le 2 avril 1688
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8081 6018

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Double falsehood, or The distressed lovers
The Tragedy of King Richard the II
"The Happy captive". An English opera in three acts written by Lewis Theobald, 1741...
Orestes, a dramatic opera, as it is acted at the Theatre-royal in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, written by Mr. Theobald. [Epilogue written by Henry Fielding.]
Double falshood, or the Distrest lovers, a play, as it is acted at the Theatre-royal in Drury Lane, written originally by W. Shakespeare, and now revised and adapted to the stage by Mr. Theobald,... [Prologue by Philip Frowde.]
The Forsaken Maid, a new song in the tragedy call'd Double fasehood by Sakespear [sic pour L. Theobald]
The Rape of Proserpine, as it is acted at the Theatre-royal in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, written by Mr. Theobald, and set to musick by Mr. Galliard... The 3rd edition
Shakespeare restored, or a Specimen of the many errors, as well committed as unamended, by Mr. Pope in his late edition of this poet, designed not only to correct the said edition but to restore the true reading of Shakespeare in all the editions ever yet publish'd, by Mr. Theobald
The Perfidious brother, a tragedy...
A Dramatick entertainment, call'd the Necromancer, or Harlequin, doctor Faustus, as perform'd at the Theatre-royal in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, to which is prefix'd a short account of Doctor Faustus, and how he came to be reputed a magician
Pan and Syrinx, an opera of one act...
The Persian princess, or the Royal villain, a tragedy...
Observations on the fable and composition of Titus Andronicus. - [1]
Nachrichten von William Shakespears Leben. - [1]

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The Works...
The Works... collated and corrected by the former editions, by Mr. Pope. The 2nd edition

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The Fall of Saguntum, a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, written by Phil. Frowde,... [Prologue par Theobald.]

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A dramatick Eintertainment, call'd the necromancer : or Harlequin, doctor Faustus. As perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields...

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Vocal parts of an entertainment, called Apollo and Daphne # or, the Burgo-master trick'd

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Lewis Theobald and the editing of Shakespeare