Roy Porter (1946-2002)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geburt : 31-12-1946
Tod : 03-03-2002
Anmerkung :
Historien des sciences. - Spécialiste de l'histoire sociale de la médecine
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2098 1393

Activities of Roy Porter (1946-2002) (75)

Éditeur scientifique (55)

Dictionary of the history of science
Oxford dictionary of scientific quotations
Women, madness and spiritualism
Women, madness and spiritualism Volume I
The Cambridge history of medicine
Oxford dictionary of scientific quotations
Eighteenth-century science
The confinement of the insane
Cultures of neurasthenia
Toleration in Enlightenment Europe
The biographical dictionary of scientists
A history of clinical psychiatry
Reassessing Foucault
From physico-theology to bio-technology
Cultures of psychiatry and mental health care in postwar Britain and the Netherlands
Images of the Earth
Nature and society in historical context
The Cambridge illustrated history of medicine
Pleasure in the eighteenth century
Drugs and narcotics in history
The history of medical education in Britain
Inventing human science
Reassessing Foucault
The reformation in national context
A dictionary of eighteenth-century world history
The biographical dictionary of scientists
The codification of medical morality
Consumption and the world of goods
The National question in Europe in historical context
Literature & [and] medicine during the eighteenth century
Medicine and the five senses
The Renaissance in national context
The popularization of medicine, 1650-1850
The scientific revolution in national context
Language, self and society
Living and dying in London
George Cheyne
Language, self, and society
The medical history of waters and spas
Fin de siècle and its legacy
The Hospital in history
Brunonianism in Britain and Europe
Macmillan dictionary of the history of science
Sexual underworlds of the Enlightenment
Medical fringe & medical orthodoxy, 1750-1850
Problems and methods in the history of medicine
The social history of language
Revolution in history
William Hunter and the eighteenth-century medical world
Patients and practitioners
Dictionary of the history of science
The enlightenment in national context
The Earth generated and anatomized by William Hobbs : an early eighteenth century theory of the earth
The Ferment of knowledge
The ferment of knowledge

Auteur du texte (16)

Flesh in the age of reason
The Enlightenment
Bodies politic
The making of geology
The greatest benefit to mankind
Politiquement fou
Disease, medicine and society in England
Mind-forg'd manacles
Patient's progress
Patient's progress
Edward Gibbon
Mind-forg'd manacles
The Earth sciences
English society in the eighteenth century

Préfacier (2)

Alice companion : a guide to Lewis Carroll' s Alice books
Nerves and narratives

Directeur de publication (1)

Companion encyclopedia of the history of medicine

Collaborateur (1)

Future plagues

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