Lawrence Weiner

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Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geschäftsbetrieb : Éditeur
Anmerkung :
Artiste. - Sculpteur
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1560 0584

Activities of Lawrence Weiner (98 resources in

Iconographic works (72)

If in fact there is a context: 100 notes 100 thoughts n°008 : Documenta (13)
Vogue la galère
Henry the navigator in a sea of sand = Enrique el navegante en un mar de arena
Collection Public Freehold : Une série de Statements
Out from under
[Sans titre]
& Read
À fripon fripon et demi
A fripon, fripon et demi
A tale of a maiden or two
Traduire d'une langue dans une autre
Wind & the willows
Coming & going
To build a square in the Rhineland
To build a square in the Rhineland
To build a work
Moi + toi & nous
Tris, Via Tasso, tic tac toe
Riten des Übergangs
Displacement & Displacement
In the crack of the dawn
Broken glass
Ta sama woda
Lawrence Weiner
Just another thing taken & changed (a wood) (a stone)
Plowmans lunch
Just another thing taken & changed (a wood) (a stone)
New order York city
The travel of Margaret-Mary
New order
La mer & le ciel
Biennale des Friedens- Hamburg
Lawrence Weiner
Of factory- New York
Factors in the scope of distance
Leo Castelli gallery- New York
Hard light
With a touch of pink
In relation to probable use ...
Regarding inscriptions (of a sort)
The level of water
Pertaining to a structure
Coming and going
Having from time to time a relation to:
On the rocks
Various manners with various things
Van Abbemuseum- Eindhoven
Relative to hanging
Auf ein vernunftiges Ende zu
Interfunktionenen : n° 11
Bulletin 72
Once upon a time
Having from time to time a relation to
8 Arbeiten von Lawrence Weiner
Having been done at
Perhaps when removed
Causality; affected and/or effected
18 Paris IV. 70
Lawrence Weiner
Carl André, Robert Barry, Daniel Buren, Jan Dibbets, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol Lewitt, Richard Long, N.E. Thing Co. Ltd., Robert Smithson, Lawrence Weiner
[Xerox book]
[Recueil. Oeuvre de Lawrence Weiner]
[Recueil. Oeuvre de Lawrence Weiner]

Mixed works (14)

After crossing the river
Suomi Finland passi pass passport
Une médiathèque à Troyes
Écrit dans le coeur des objets. - Pierre Filliquet, réal.. - [1] ###with Lawrence Weiner as Participant###
A natural water course diverted reduced or displaced
The Society architect ponders the Golden Gate Bridge oder : wie sie kriegen was sie nicht Verdienen
Apples & eggs, salt & pepper ###with Lawrence Weiner as Addressee###
À fripon fripon & demi. - [1]
Lawrence Weiner
Carl Th. Dreyer. A fable of women & water ###with Lawrence Weiner as Autre###
Above. Beyond. Below ###with Lawrence Weiner as Autre###
A selection of works with commentary by = eine Werkauswahl mit einem Kommentary von R.H. Fuchs
A selection of works with commentary by = een keuze uit zijn werk met commentaar van R.H. Fuchs ###with Lawrence Weiner as Autre###
Innerhalb vorwärtsgerichteter Bewegung/ Within forward motion

Textual works (8)

Pas jeune jeune
Deep blue sky, light blue sky ###with Lawrence Weiner as Illustrator###
Tiré à quatre épingles
Specific and general works
La marelle ou Pie in the sky
10 [Díez] obras
Quizas cuando removido
10 works

Audiovisual works (including radio) (2)

Liberté et contraintes
Quelques choses... ###with Lawrence Weiner as Participant###

Musical work (2)

Geneva ###with Lawrence Weiner as Illustrator###
Geneva ###with Lawrence Weiner as Illustrator###

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Books (20)

Lawrence Weiner
Again the metaphor problem and other engaged critical discourses about art
Having been said
Tiré à quatre épingles
Lawrence Weiner
Lawrence Weiner
Laurence Weiner
Lawrence Weiner
From point to point
Lawrence Weiner
Show (&) tell
Wolfgang Laib, Richard Long, Richard Serra, Lawrence Weiner
La marelle ou Pie in the sky
Lawrence Weiner
Snow, Weiner, Nannucci,
Posters November 1965-April 1986, Lawrence Weiner
Lawrence Weiner
[Recueil. Documentation sur Lawrence Weiner]

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Lawrence Weiner
Lawrence Weiner

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Gerhard Richter, Lawrence Weiner, Rachel Whiteread

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