Graeme Gill

Land : Australie
Sprache : anglais
Anmerkung :
Enseignant à l'Université de Tasmanie (en 1979). - Maître de conférences à l'Université de Sydney, Australie (en 1988)
Andere Namen : Graeme J. Gill
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0870 1352

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Building an authoritarian polity
Symbolism and regime change in Russia
Symbols and legitimacy in Soviet politics
Bourgeoisie, state, and democracy
The nature and development of the modern state
Democracy and post-communism
Russia's stillborn democracy ?
The dynamics of democratization
Power in the party
The collapse of a single-party system
The Politics of transition
The origins of the stalinist political system
The rules of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union / Graeme Gill, ...
Peasants and government in the Russian Revolution

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Routledge handbook of Russian politics and society

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