Harold Bloom

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Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
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Professeur de lettres, Yale university, New Haven, Conn. (en 2015)
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Ernest Hemingway's The sun also rises
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F. Scott Fitzgerald
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From sensibility to romanticism

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The daemon knows
L'angoisse de l'influence
The shadow of a great rock
The anatomy of influence
Ruiner les vérités sacrées
British women fiction writers Vol. two
The anxiety of influence
British women fiction writers Vol. one
The Western canon
The American religion
Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman"
Ruin the sacred truths
Saul Bellow
The Breaking of the vessels
To the tally of my soul
The Flight to Lucifer
Wallace Stevens
Figures of capable imagination
Poetry and repression
The anxiety of influence
Blake's Apocalypse
Blakes' apocalypse
The visionary company
Shelley's mythmaking, by Harold Bloom

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The Complete poetry and prose of William Blake
Deconstruction and criticism

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Genetic codes of culture ?
The anatomy of Bloom
The saving lie
Reading, writing and the influence of Harold Bloom
Transferring to America
Harold Bloom
A Recent imagining
Literary revisionism and the burden of modernity
Harold Bloom

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