William Theodore De Bary

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Anmerkung :
Spécialiste de l'Extrême-Orient. - Directeur, Heyman center for the humanities, Columbia university, New York (en 2008)
Andere Namen : Wm. Theodore De Bary
William Theodore de Bary
Theodore de Bary
William de Bary
Wm. Theodore de Bary
Ted de Bary
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8115 2436

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Éditeur scientifique (20)

Finding wisdom in East Asian classics
Sources of Japanese tradition
Sources of Japanese tradition
Sources of Chinese tradition Vol. II
Sources of Korean tradition Volume II
Sources of Chinese tradition Vol. 1
Confucianism and human rights
Sources of Korean tradition 1
Eastern canons
Neo-Confucian education
The Rise of neo-Confucianism in Korea
Yüan thought
Principle and practicality
The Buddhist tradition in India, China & Japan
Approaches to the Oriental classics
Approaches to Asian civilizations
Guide to Oriental classics
Introduction to Oriental civilizations [2]
Introduction to Oriental civilizations
Sources of Japanese tradition

Auteur du texte (13)

Confucian tradition and global education
Nobility & civility
The trouble with Confucianism
The trouble with confucianism
Learning for one's self
The Message of the mind in Neo-Confucianism
Neo-Confucian education and post-confucian Asia
The Liberal tradition in China
Neo-confucian orthodoxy and the learning of the mind-and-heart
Report on visit to Taiwan, January 2-18, 1975
Self and society in Ming thought
Individualism in Ming thought
Chinese despotism and the Confucian ideal, a XVIIth century view

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Companions to Asian studies

Traducteur (1)

Five women who loved love [Koshoku Gonin Onna.], by Ihara Saikaku. Translated by Wm. Theodore de Bary. With a background essay by Richard Lane and the 17th century illustrations by Yoshida Hambei

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