Richard Garnett (1835-1906)

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Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Lichfield, GB, 27-02-1835
Tod : Londres, 13-04-1906
Anmerkung :
Homme de lettres. - Bibliothécaire, "Keeper" du Département des livres imprimés, British Museum
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0903 6438

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Essays in librarianship and bibliography
Handbooks of English literature...
Letters about Shelley interchanged by three friends Edward Dowden, Richard Garnett and Wm. Michael Rossetti, edited with an introduction, by R. S. Garnett
The Twilight of the gods : and other tales, by Richard Garnett
English literature
Essays of an ex-librarian, by Richard Garnett
Orations of British orators, including biographical and critical sketches, with a special introduction, by Richard Garnett,... Revised edition...
A History of Italian literature, by Richard Garnett,...
Edward Gibbon Wakefield, the colonization of South Australia and New Zeeland, by R. Garnett,...
The Library series, edited by Dr Richard Garnett...
Richmond on the Thames, by Richard Garnett,...
William Blake, painter and poet, by Richard Garnett,...
British Museum. Guide to the printed books exhibited in the King's library. [Signé : R. Garnett.]
Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life of Thomas Carlyle, by Richard Garnett,...
Conference of librarians, 2, 3, 4, 5 october 1877, London. On the system of classifying books on the shelves, followed at the British museum, by Richard Garnett

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Garnett, Richard. (NAF 28046 (4))

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Richard Garnett

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