Franz Rosenthal (1914-2003)

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Berlin, 31-08-1914
Tod : Branford (Conn.), 08-04-2003
Anmerkung :
Spécialiste de l'Islam, de la littérature arabe et de la langue araméenne. - Professeur, Pennsylvania state university, University Park (1948-1956). - Professeur, Hebrew union college. - Professeur, Department of Near Eastern languages & civilizations, Yale university, New Haven, Conn. (1956-1985)
Andere Namen : François Rosenthal (1914-2003)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2144 6405

Activities of Franz Rosenthal (1914-2003) (52)

Auteur du texte (46)

Man versus society in medieval Islam
A grammar of biblical Aramaic
Science and medicine in Islam
Muslim intellectual and social history
Greek philosophy in the Arab world
At-Tabarī's story of the Belt
Grammaire d'araméen biblique
Ibn ʿArabī between "philosophy" and "mysticism" : "Ṣūfism and philosophy are neighbors and visit each other", fa-inna at-taṣawwuffwa-t-tafalsuf yatajāwarānii wa-yatazāwarāni
"Sweeter than hope"
"Blurbs" (Taqrîẓ) from 14-th century Egypt
From the "unorthodox" judaism of medieval Yemen
The Classical heritage in Islam
Gambling in Islam
The Classical heritage in Islam
The Herb
Four essays on art and literature in Islam
Knowledge triumphant
The Influence of the biblical tradition on Muslim istoriography
The Tale of Anthony
A Grammar of biblical Aramaic
Al-Mubashshir Ibn Fatik, prolegomena to an abortive edition
The Museum concept of knowledge
The Muslim concept of freedom
Sayings of the Ancients from Ibn Durayd's "Kitâb al-mujtanâ"
Sayings of the Ancients from Ibn Durayd's "Kitâb al-muitanâ"
An ancient commentary on the Hippocratic oath
From Arabic books and manuscripts VI Istanbul materials for al-Kindî and as-Sarahsî
Humor in early Islam, by Franz Rosenthal
Al-Kindî and Ptolomy
As-Šayh̲ al-Yûnânî and the Arabic Plotinus source
Canaanite and Aramaic inscriptions, translated by Franz Rosenthal. South-Arabian inscriptions, translated by A. Jamme. Akkadian Myths and Epics, new texts, translated by E. A. Speiser
Isḥāq b. Ḥunayn's ta'rîḫ al-Aṭibbā'
As-Šayh̲ al-Yûnânî and the Arabic Plotinus source
A history of Moslim historiography
As-Šayh̲ al-Yûnânî and the Arabic Plotinus source
The Technique and approach of Muslim scholarship
Aḥmad b. aṭ-Ṭayyib as-Saraḫsî
Alfarabius, de Platonis philosophia
Alfarabius, de Platonis philosophia
Die aramaistische Forschung seit Th. Nöldeke's Veröffentlichungen, von Franz Rosenthal
Die Aramaistische Forschung seit Th. Nöldeke's Veröffentlichungen
Studia arabica 1
Die Sprache der palmyrenischen Inschriften und ihre Stellung innerhalb des Aramäischen, von Franz Rosenthal
Über tertiärsyphilitische Prozesse im Mediastinum...
The technique and approach of Muslim scholarship
Die arabische Autobiographie. - [1]

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The History of al-Ṭabarī Vol. I
The History of al-Ṭabarī Vol. XXXVIII
A History of Muslim historiography
The Muqaddimah

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An Aramaic Handbook... edited by Franz Rosenthal...

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Shahrastani on the Indian religions

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