Jeremy Black

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Anmerkung :
Historien. - En poste à l'Université de Durham, GB (en 1994). - Professeur d'histoire à l'Université d'Exeter, GB (en 2007). - Prénoms complets : Jeremy, Martin

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Mapping naval warfare
Naval warfare
Insurgency and counterinsurgency
Maps of war
War in Europe
Clio's battles
Rethinking World War Two
The British Empire
The Atlantic slave trade in world history
British politics and foreign policy
Politics and foreign policy in the age of George I, 1714-1727
Contesting history
War in the eighteenth-century world
War and the cultural turn
The Great War and the making of the modern world
Fighting for America
Debating foreign policy in eighteenth-century Britain
War in the world
The Battle of Waterloo
A history of diplomacy
Europe since the seventies
Naval power
The War of 1812 in the age of Napoleon
War in the nineteenth century
What if ?
The curse of history
Eighteenth-century Britain, 1688-1783
Great powers and the quest for hegemony
Trade, empire and British foreign policy, 1689-1815
Studying history
George II
Altered states
The age of total war, 1860-1945
A military history of Britain
George III
War since 1945
Introduction to global military history
Using history
Rethinking military history
Britain since the seventies
Regards sur le monde
Kings, nobles and commoners
The British seaborne empire
Italy and the Grand Tour
France and the Grand Tour
La guerre au XVIIIe siècle
Visions of the world
America as a military power
European international relations, 1648-1815
Warfare in the Western world, 1882-1975
European warfare, 1494-1660
The politics of James Bond
British diplomats and diplomacy
Walpole in power
Historical atlas of Britain
Britain as a military power, 1688-1815
From Louis XIV to Napoleon
Pitt the Elder
America or Europe?
Why wars happen
Maps and politics
Maps and history
Maps and history
Studying history
Cambridge illustrated atlas
An illustrated history of eighteenth century Britain, 1688-1793
The politics of Britain
Convergence or divergence
European warfare 1660-1815
European warfare
British foreign policy in an age of revolutions, 1783-1793
Gods, demons and symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia
The British abroad
Pitt the Elder
A military revolution ?
The English press in the eighteenth century
War for America
A system of ambition?
Robert Walpole and the nature of politics in early eighteenth-century Britain
Culloden and the '45
Eighteenth century Europe 1700-1789
Robert Walpole and the nature of politics in early eighteenth-century Britain
The English press in the eighteenth century
The Collapse of the Anglo-French alliance
Natural and necessary enemies
British foreign policy in the age of Walpole
The British and the grand tour

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War since 1900
Can the prizes still glitter?
The Second World War
The Atlantic slave trade
Revolutions in the Western world, 1775-1825
Warfare in Europe
War in the early modern world
A dictionary of eighteenth-century world history
Culture, politics and society in Britain
Knights errant and true Englishmen
The Jacobite challenge
The Origins of war in early modern Europe
Britain in the age of Walpole

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Maps that changed the world
L'Épopée cartographique
100 [one hundred] maps

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Les grands chefs militaires et leurs campagnes

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La guerre au XVIIIe siècle

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