Louis Finkelstein (1895-1991)

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Cincinnati (Ohio), 14-06-1895
Tod : New York, 29-11-1991
Anmerkung :
Écrivait aussi en hébreu
Rabbin. - Sociologue. - Historien. - Professeur de théologie ; spécialiste du judaïsme antique. - Directeur, Jewish theological seminary of America, New York (1940-1972)
Andere Namen : ʾEliyʿezer ben Šimʿwn Piynqelšṭayyn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
אליעזר בן שמעון פינקלשטיין (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ben Šimʿwn Finqelšṭayn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
אליעזר בן שמעון פינקלשטין (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ben Šimʿwn Piynqelšṭeyyn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ben Šimʿwn Piynqelšṭeyn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ʾAryeh Piynqelšṭayyn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
אליעזר אריה פינקלשטיין (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ʾAryeh Piynqelšṭeyyn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ʾAryeh Piynqelšṭeyn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
ʾEliyʿezer ʾAryeh Piynqelšṭayn (1895-1991) (hébreu)
אליעזר אריה פינקלשטין (1895-1991) (hébreu)
Eliezer Finkelstein (1895-1991)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1567 9819

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Éditeur scientifique (16)

The Cambridge history of Judaism Volume 1
The Cambridge history of Judaism Volume one
The Cambridge history of Judaism 2
The Cambridge history of Judaism 1
The Cambridge history of Judaism
Science, philosophy, and religion
Approaches to world peace
Goals for American education
The Jews...
Conflicts of power in modern culture
Approaches to group understanding
Symbols and society
Symbols and values, an initial study. 13e symposium of the Conference on science, philosophy and religion. Edited by Lyman Bryson,... Louis Finkelstein,... R. M. MacIver,... Richard McKeon,...
The Jews
Approaches to national unity
The Commentary of David Kimhi on Isaiah, edited... by Louis Finkelstein. Part I. Chapters 1-39...

Auteur du texte (9)

Siprey ʿal seper Dbariym
Wolf Kahn
Sipraʾ dbey rab
Jewish self-government in the Middle Ages
Akiba, scholar, saint and martyr
Introduction to the treatises Abot and Abot of Rabbi Nathan
The Pharisees and the men of the Great synagogue
Learning and world peace, eighth symposium, edited by Lyman Brison,... Louis Finkelstein,... R. M. Maciver,...
The Pharisees

Préfacier (4)

Law and theology in Judaism
66 @ - Sifra or Torat Kohanim according to codex Assemani LXVI [with a Hebrew introduction by Louis Finkelstein]
Jewish ceremonial art, a guide to the appreciation of the art objects used in synagogue and home, principally from the collections of the Jewish Museum of the Jewish theological seminary of America. Stephen S. Kayser, editor. Guido Schoenberger, associate editor. [Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of art, New York, January-February, 1955. Foreword by Louis Finkelstein.]
The Commentary of Levi ben Gersom, Gersonides, on the book of Job

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