Edmund Blunden (1896-1974)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Londres, 01-11-1896
Tod : Long Melford (GB), 20-01-1974
Anmerkung :
Poète, critique et enseignant. - Professeur d'anglais à l'Université chinoise de Hongkong (de 1953 à sa retraite)
Sachgruppe : Littératures
Andere Namen : Edmund Charles Blunden (1896-1974)
Edmond Blunden (1896-1974) (français)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0874 7035

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Overtones of war
Edmund Blunden
On the poems of Henry Vaughan
Leigh Hunt and his circle
Undertones of war
Keat's publisher
Wayside sonnets, 1750-1850
The Midnight skaters
John Keats
A Hong Kong house, poems 1951-1961
English scientists as men of letters
War poets, 1914-1918, by Edmund Blunden
Poems of many years
Masks of time, a new collection of poems... by Edmund Blunden. [Illustrated by Randolph Schwabe.]
Charles Lamb, by Edmund Blunden
John Keats, by Edmund Blunden
A Selection of his poetry and prose made by Kenneth Hopkins
Shelley, a life story by Edmund Blunden...
Shells by a stream
Cricket country
Return to husbandry, an annotated list of books with the history, philosophy and craftsmanship of rural England and intented to suggest alternatives to commercialism and mechanization, with four preliminary essays. Edited by Edmund Blunden
English villages
Thomas Hardy
Poems, 1930-1940
On Shelley. [Three essays, by Edmund Blunden, Gavin de Beer and Sylva Norman.]
The Mind's eye : essays / by Edmund Blunden
The Mind's eye
We'll shift our ground
Charles Lamb and his contemporaries
Halfway house, a miscellany of new poems, by Edmund Blunden
Leigh Hunt, a biography, by Edmund Blunden
Nature in English literature. Edmund Blunden,...
Near and far
Undertones of war, by Edmund Blunden
Winter nights, a reminiscence by Edmund Blunden. With drawings by Albert Rutherston
The Shepherd, and other poems of peace and war, by Edmund Blunden
The Waggoner and other poems by Edmund Blunden
Pastorals, a book of verses, by E. C. Blunden. [Note by S. Gertrude Ford.]
[Poèmes.]. - [1]
Christ's Hospital, a retrospect, by Edmund Blunden,...

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The Collected poems of Wilfred Owen
Poems. With a memoir and notes by Edmund Blunden... [Appendix by Frank Nicholson.]
Poems chiefly from manuscript. [Note by Edmund Blunden and Alan Porter.]

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The birth, life and death of Scaramouch

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Selected letters of Siegfried Sassoon and Edmund Blunden, 1919-1967
Edmund Blunden
The Truth of war
Die Versdichtung Edmund Blunders
A Bibliography of Edmund Blunden
A bibliography of Edmund Blunden
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Edmund Blunden]

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