Américains d'origine irlandaise

Schlagwort : Américains d'origine irlandaise
Quelldatei : RAMEAU
Sachgruppe : Ethnonymes

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Under the starry flag
The sons of Molly Maguire
The Green and the gray
"Other people's diasporas"
The construction of Irish identity in American literature
Awake in America
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There you are
Sending out Ireland's poor
The Irish in New Jersey
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C'est comment l'Amérique ?
Antebellum Irish immigration and emerging ideologies of "America"
Reading William Kennedy
Irish immigrants in New York City, 1945-1995
The Irish diaspora
Whitman and the Irish
The Irish in popular literature in the early American republic
C'est comment l'Amérique ?
C'est comment l'Amérique ?
C'est comment l'Amérique ?
Receiving Erin's children
Irish America
Irish America
Making sense of the Molly Maguires
Ireland and the American emigration, 1850-1900
How the Irish became white
Of cops and priests
The Irish in America
Italian and Irish filmmakers in America
British documents on foreign affairs Part I. - Series C. - Volume 3
A portrait of the Irish in America
Ethnicity and social structure

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