Banbury center

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Gründung : 1978

Activities of Banbury center (28)

Auteur du texte (26)

Genetics and biology of alcoholism
Biology of mammalian germ cell mutagenesis
DNA technology and forensic science
Carcinogen risk assessment
Mammalian cell mutagenesis
Molecular neuropathology of aging
Nongenotoxic mechanisms in carcinogenesis
Developmental toxicology
Antibiotic resistance genes
Mechanisms in tobacco carcinogenesis
Viral etiology of cervical cancer
Genetically altered viruses and the environment
Genetic manipulation of the early mammalian embryo
Coffee and health
Biological mechanisms of dioxin action
Gene function in prokaryotes
Biological aspects of Alzheimer's disease
Nitrosamines and human cancer
Environmental factors in human growth and development
Quantification of occupational cancer
Cancer incidence in defined populations
Ethylene dichloride
A safe cigarette ?
Assessing chemical mutagens
Mammalian cell mutagenesis
Banbury report

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Inositol lipids in cellular signaling
A Banbury center meeting

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