Thomas Clifford Allbutt (1836-1925)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Dewsbury, GB, 20-07-1836
Tod : Cambridge, GB, 22-02-1925
Anmerkung :
Médecin. - Inventeur du thermomètre
Andere Namen : Thomas Clifford Allbutt (1836-1925)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8352 3261

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The historical relations of medicine and surgery to the end of the sixteenth century
Papworth administrative and economic problems in tuberculosis, by the late Sir German Sims Woodhead,... the late Rt Hon. Sir Clifford Allbutt,... and P. C. Varrier-Jones,... With an introductory chapter by Sir James Kingston Fowler,...
Greek medicine in Rome..., by the Right Hon. Sir T. Clifford Allbutt,...
A System of gynaecology, by many writers. Edited by Thomas Clifford Allbutt,... and W. S. Plaifair,...
A System of medicine, by many writers. Edited by Thomas Clifford Allbutt,...
On visceral neuroses, being the Gulstonian lectures on neuralgia of the stomach and allied disorders, delivered at the royal college of physicians in march 1884, by T. Clifford Allbutt...

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Industrial colonies and village settlements for the consumptive, by Sir German Woodhead,... and P. C. Varrier-Jones,... With preface by Sir Clifford Allbutt,...

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Die Ueberanstrengung des Herzens... [De la suractivité du coeur. Six mémoires par Thomas Clifford, Allbutt, J. M. Da Costa, Arthur B. R. Myers, Johannes Seitz, W. Thurn... publ. par le docteur Johannes Seitz,... avec 23 gravures sur bois]

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Sir Clifford Allbutt

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