Arthur Berriedale Keith (1879-1944)

Bildung aus Gallica über Arthur Berriedale Keith (1879-1944)
Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Edimbourgh, GB, 05-04-1879
Tod : Edimbourgh, GB, 06-10-1944
Anmerkung :
Juriste et philologue. - Indologue. - Membre du Colonial Office (1901-1914). - Fut professeur de sanskrit et de philologie compareé à l'Université d'Edimbourgh, GB (1914-1944)
Andere Namen : A. Berriedale Keith (1879-1944)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2122 4079

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A history of Sanskrit literature
The Sanskrit drama in its origin, development, theory & practice
The theory of state succession with special reference to English and colonial law
The Karma-Mīmāṁsā
Buddhist philosophy in India and Ceylon
A History of Sanskrit literature
Vedic index of names and subjects
The British cabinet system, by Arthur Berriedale Keith,... 2nd edition by N. H. Gibbs,...
The British Commonwealth of nations
A History of Sanskrit literature
The Constitution of England from Queen Victoria to George VI
The British cabinet system, 1830-1938
Constitutional law
New theories as to Brahman
Letters and essays on current imperial and international problems
Letters on imperial relations, Indian reform, constitutional and international law
Catalogue of the Sanskrit and Prakrit mss. in... India Office
Catalogue of the Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts in the library of india office Volume 2
The Home of Pāli
Daṇḍin and Bhāmana
Dominion autonomy in pratice, by Arthur Berriedale Keith,...
The Religion and philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads
The Sanskrit drama in its origin, development, theory and practice, by A. Berriedale Keith,...
A digest of the law of England with reference to the conflict of laws
A Digest of the law of England with reference to the conflict of laws. 3d edition. By A. V. Dicey and A. Berriedale Keith
The Belgian Congo and the Berlin act, by Arthur Berriedale Keith,...
Indian mythology, by A. Berriedale Keith,...
Professor Ridgeway's theory of the origin of Indian drama
The Unlucky number 13
The Authenticity of the Kautiliya
Imperial unity and the Domi nions, by Arthur Berriedale Keith,...
Two notes on Vedic religion
The Indian origin of the Greek romance
The Date of Ramayana
The Magi
Apastamba and the Bahvrca Brahmana
The Dynasties of the Kali age
The Earliest Indian traditional history
The Vedic calendar
Bhavabhuti and the Veda
The Brahmanic and Kshatriya tradition
The Age of the Puranas
The Origin of tragedy and the Akhyana
Responsible government in the Dominions
Cremation and burial in the Rgveda
Vedic index of names and subjects, by Arthur Anthony Macdonell,... and Arthur Berriedale Keith,...
The Authenticity of the Rtusamhara
Notes on Vedic syntax
The Vedic Akhyana and the Indian drama
The Planet Bṛhaspati
Catalogue of Prākrit manuscripts in the Bodleian library, by Arthur Berrediale Keith,...
Peculiarities in the use of ITI
Apastamba Mantra Brahmana, II, 8, 4
Grammatical notes
The Antiquity of Vedic culture
"Bhū" with the accusative
Catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts in the Bodleian library 08
Buddhist era in Ceylon
The Date of the Bṛhatkathā and the Mudrārākṣasa
Baudhayana Paribhāṣāsūtra, khaṇḍa VII
Notes on syntax
On the antiquity of Vedic culture
Pythagoras and the doctrine of transmigration
Responsible government in the Dominions, by Arthur Berriedale Keith,...
A mitrochates
The Sankhayana Aranyaka
Vedic religion
The Date of Udayanācārya and of Vācaspati Miśra
The Child Kṛṣṇa
The Pāṇḍavas and the Kauravas
The Battle between the Pāṇḍavas and Kauravas. [With a note by G. A. Grierson.]
The Game of dice
An unusual use of the nominative
Catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts in the Bodleian library Vol. II
A Catalogue of the Sanskrit and Prākrit mss. in the Indian Institute library, Oxford, compiled by A. Berriedale Keith,...
Selected speeches and documents on British colonial policy, 1763-1917, edited by Arthur Berriedale Keith,...

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The Glories of Magadha, by J. N. Samaddar,... With a foreword by Dr. A. B. Keith,...
Aspects of ancient Indian polity...
Aspects of ancient Indian polity, by Narendra Nath Law,... with a foreword by Arthur Berriedale Keith,...

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