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Gründung : 1851
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Adresse : 120 Wall Street, Suite 100, New York, NY 10005-3904.
Sachgruppe : Géographie
Andere Namen : AGS
American geographical and statistical society
American geographical society
American geographical society. New York

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Marine sediments of the southern oceans
Geologic map of Antarctica. 1 : 5 000 000 at latitude 71°, prepared by the American Geographical Society with support
Morphology of the earth in the Antartic and Subantarctic
Birds of the Antarctic and Subantarctic
Coastal and deep-water benthic fishes of the Antartic
Distribution of selected groups of marine invertebrates in waters south of 35° S latitude
Magnetic and gravity maps of the Antartic
Primary productivity and benthic marine algae of the Antartic and Subantarctic
Structure of Antarctic waters between 20° W and 170° W
Terrestrial life of Antarctica
Glaciers of the Antarctic
The Antartic atmosphere
The Antarctic atmosphere
Antartic maps and surveys 1900-1964
Aeronomical maps for the Antartic
Antarctic map folio series
Antarctic map folio series
Physical characteristics of the Antartic icesheet
Antarctica, prepared by the American Geographical Society for the United States Antarctic Research Program under a Grant
Antarctica prepared by the American Geographical Society for the United States Antarctic Research Program under a grant
Antarctica, prepared by the American Geographical Society for the National Academy of Sciences. United States National Committee, International Geophysical Year 1957-1958. Compiled and
Lettres reçues de T. Geneviève Felland alias Nordis Felland et copie de lettre de Jean Gottmann
Lettre reçue d'Alice Taylor
Lettres reçues de Wilma B. Fairchild et copie de lettre de Jean Gottmann
Lettres reçues de William Osgood Field
Maps of the Ellsworth Trans-Antarctic flight of 1935.A. Eastern coast of Graham Land, 1 : 400 000 B. Conjectured Gault depression, south of Marguerite bay, 1 : 800. 000. C. Sentinel Range, 1 : 800. 000. D.Flights of the Ellsworth Trans-Antarctic expedition
Lettres reçues de Gladys M. Wrigley
The Antarctic discoveries of the Wilkes Expedition in 1840 in comparison with the work of other expeditions, especially those of Mawson
Map showing the field of operations of the "Norvegia" Antarctic Expeditions of 1930-1931. Major Gunnar Isachsen in command...
Southern Hungary : movement of the population
Hungary : distribution of nationalities in 1910
Hungary : production of cereals in 1900
Hungary : production of root crops in 1900
Hungary : relief
Hungary : distribution of farm-animals in 1910
Hungary : counties and towns
Outline map showing the relation of cities to coalfields in the British Isles
Hungary : population density in 1910

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Circumpolar characteristics of Antarctic waters
Index to maps in books and periodicals
Thoreau as world traveler
Soviet geography, accomplishments and tasks
The Islamic republic of Mauritania
Outlook for aluminium
The West Indies federation
The St. Lawrence seaway
China's agriculture. [Prepared with the cooperation of Dr. Chao Kuo-Chün,...]
The Dominican Republic
Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. [Signé : L. A. D. Dellin.]
Outlook for uranium [signé
Radio and television in the United States
Late-pleistocene environments of North Pacific America
Nine glacier maps Northwestern North America
The World, compiled and
Palisades Interstate Park
Research series
Sketch map to illustrate the explorations of Sir Aurel Stein in the Lop desert, 1914
Ethnographic map of the frontier zone of Northern Italy
R.-J. Flaherty's explorations in the Hudson Bay Region, 1910-1916 (The Sir William Mackensie Expeditions)
The Belcher Islands
The route surveys across Ungava peninsula by Robert J. Flaherty... Map of Ungava peninsula (Labrador)
Sketch map showing the general course of the newly discovered tributary of the Madeira and the approximate route of the Roosevelt Rondon expedition
Map illustrating Mr. Russell's routes in Iceland
[World map on double cordiform projection]
Special publication. N° ...
Oriental explorations and studies...
Map of Hispanic America. Publication n°...
The Role of geography in the modern world, a statement about the American Geographical society

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Geographies of the mind
Focus N° 6
Focus N° 9
Focus Nos. 7 & 8
Focus N° 10

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Mexico, Central America, and the West Indes (Map of the Americas)
Vegetation map of Africa
[Fac-similé d'un planisphère de Leonardo, 1452-1453]

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A teacher's index to focus, 1950-1993
Ethnographic atlas of Ifugao

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Hondius World Map 1611 by Judocus Hondius

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The United States [document cartographique]

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Lettres reçues de l'American Geographical Society, lettres adressées à l'A.G.S.

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A historical atlas of South Asia

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Civic discipline
Manuscript and annotated maps in the American geographical society

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