Ray Laurence

Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Anmerkung :
Archéologue, spécialiste d'histoire ancienne. - Chercheur en histoire ancienne à l'Université de Reading, GB (en 1994)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2280 7698

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Written space in the Latin West, 200 BC to AD 300
Families in the Greco-Roman world
Families in the Greco-Roman world
Rome, Ostia, Pompeii
A cultural history of childhood and family in Antiquity
Age and ageing in the Roman Empire
Travel and geography in the Roman Empire
Domestic space in the Roman world

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Roman archaeology for historians
The city in the Roman West, c. 250 BC-c. AD 250
Growing up and growing old in Ancient Rome
The roads of Roman Italy
Cultural identity in the Roman empire
Roman Pompeii

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