Paul Henry Lang (1901-1991)

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Budapest, 28-08-1901
Tod : Lakeville, Conn., 21-09-1991
Anmerkung :
Musicologue, membre fondateur de "American musicological society", éditeur de la revue "Musical quaterly"
Sachgruppe : Musique
Andere Namen : Pál Láng (1901-1991)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1454 9000

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Musicology and performance
In memoriam Igor Stravinsky...
George Frideric Handel
George Frideric Handel
A Pictorial history of music
A Pictorial history of music., Paul Henry Lang and Otto Bettmann
Manfred F. Bukzofer [sic pour : Bukofzer]
The Influence of political thought on the history of music
Music in Western civilization
Stylistis elements in the Classic Era [Résumé]. - [37]
Handel, Churchman or dramatist ?. - [21]
Mozart after 200 years. - [6]
Musicology and musical letters. - [37]
Musicology and related disciplines. - [11]
Objectivity and constructionism in the vocal music of the 15th and 16 th centuries. - [10]
Palestrino across the centuries. - [30]
Performance practice and musicology. - [24]
The Equipment of the musical journalist. - [4]

Éditeur scientifique (4)

Stravinsky, a new appraisal of his work
Stravinsky, a new appraisal of his work, edited by Paul Henry Lang. With a complete list of works
One hundred years of music in America
One hundred years of music in America, edited by Paul Henry Lang

Préfacier (2)

Protestant church music
Essays on music. Alfred Einstein. [Preface to the English edition by Ralph Leavis. Introduction by Paul Henry Lang]

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Musicology and performance

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