Kuno Meyer (1858-1919)

Land : Allemagne avant 1945
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Hambourg, Allemagne, 20-12-1858
Tod : Leipzig, Allemagne, 11-10-1919
Anmerkung :
A écrit en allemand, en anglais, en gaélique et traduit du gaélique en anglais
Philologue, celtologue
Andere Namen : Kino Meyer (1858-1919)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 9921 1633

Activities of Kuno Meyer (1858-1919) (35)

Auteur du texte (25)

Selections from ancient Irish poetry, translated by Kuno Meyer
Miscellanea hibernica, by Kuno Meyer
"Hail Brigit". An Old-Irish poem on the hill of Alenn edited and translated by Kuno Meyer
"Bethà Colmáin maic Lúacháin"
Selections from ancient Irish Poetry
[Finn mac Cumaill]
The Instructions of king Cormac Mac Airt
Anecdota from Irish manuscripts, edited by O. J. Bergin, R. I. Best, Kuno Meyer, J. G. O' Keeffe...
The Triads of Ireland
The Death-tales of the Ulster heroes
Cáin Adamnáin
The Song of the sword of Cerball. [Signé : Kuno Meyer.]
Contributions to Irish lexicography
Bibliographie. Corrigenda in the "Agallamh na Senórach" and other texts in "Silva gadelica". [Signé : Kuno Meyer.]
The Edinburgh version of the "Cennach inc Rúanado"... [Signé : Kuno Meyer.]
Hibernica minora
An Old-Irish treatise "de arreis". [Signé : Kuno Meyer.]
Bibliographie. "Silva gadelica", a collection of tales in Irish, edited from Mss. and translated by Standish H. O'Grady (suite du compte rendu critique inséré tome XIV, p. 321-37). [Signé : Kuno Meyer.]
Fingal Rónáin
Scél Baili Binnbérlaig. [Signé : Kuno Meyer.]
Peredur ab Efrawc, edited with a glossary, by Kuno Meyer
"Merugud Uilix maicc Leirtis", the Irish Odyssey, edited with English translation, notes and glossary, by Kuno Meyer
Outlines of a history of the German language, by H. A. Strong,... and Kuno Meyer,...
The "Cath Finntrága" or battle of Ventry
Eine irische Version der Alexandersage, Inaugural-Dissertation... von Kuno Meyer

Traducteur (1)

Ancient Irish poetry

Préfacier (1)

A collection of pieces in prose and verse in the Irish language compiled during the XIth and XIIth centuries now published in facs, from the original ms. in the Bodleian library

Autre (1)

Merugud Uilix maicc Leirtis

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