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Schlagwort : Informatique douce
Quelldatei : RAMEAU
Sachgruppe : Informatique
Verweisungsformen : Soft computing (italien)

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Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation
Hybrid soft computing for multilevel image and data segmentation
Cognitive computing
Hybrid soft computing for image segmentation
Theory and Practice of Natural Computing
Intelligent data engineering and automated learning - IDEAL 2016
Evolutionary Humanoid Robotics
Solar PV and wind energy conversion systems
Computational Intelligence
Soft computing in the design and manufacturing of composite material
Soft computing in data science
Proceedings of fourth international conference on soft computing for problem solving
Complex system modelling and control through intelligent soft computations
Feature selection for data and pattern recognition
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Soft computing techniques in engineering applications
Recent advances on hybrid approaches for designing intelligent systems
Soft computing in artificial intelligence
Soft computing in big data processing
Soft computing in intelligent control
Soft computing in machine learning
Soft computing in advanced robotics
Advances in soft computing, intelligent robotics and control
Recent developments and new directions in soft computing
Intelligence and security informatics
Recent advances on soft computing and data mining
Simulated evolution and learning
Computational intelligence techniques in earth and environmental sciences
Phoneme-based speech segmentation using hybrid soft computing framework
Intelligent computing methodologies
Artificial cognition architectures
Soft computing for business intelligence
Knowledge engineering and management
Engineering and management of IT-based service systems
Unconventional computation and natural computation
Artificial intelligence and soft computing
On fuzziness
Advances in soft computing and its applications
Intelligent data engineering and automated learning
Rough sets, fuzzy sets, data mining, and granular computing
Soft computing applications and intelligent systems
Soft computing for image and multimedia data processing
Aggregation functions in theory and in practise
Unconventional computation and natural computation
Intelligent science and intelligent data engineering
Soft computing applications in optimization, control, and recognition
Soft Computing
Advanced Methods for Computational Collective Intelligence
Predictive approaches to control of complex systems
Soft computing applications
Time Series Analysis, Modeling and Applications
Synergies of soft computing and statistics for intelligent data analysis
International Joint Conference CISIS'12, ICEUTE'12, SOCO'12 special sessions
Advanced Dynamic Modeling of Economic and Social Systems
Intelligent fractional order systems and control
Towards advanced data analysis by combining soft computing and statistics
Advances in chance discovery
Geometry of knowledge for intelligent systems
Soft computing models in industrial and environmental applications
Soft computing in water resources engineering
Soft Computing Techniques in Vision Science
New concepts and applications in soft computing
Soft computing in humanities and social sciences
Combining experimentation and theory
Theory and practice of natural computing
Eurofuse 2011
Artificial immune systems
Modeling multi-commodity trade
The theory of the knowledge square
Proceedings of the International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS 2011)
Soft computing methods for microwave and millimeter-wave design problems
Intelligent informatics
Rough sets, fuzzy sets, data mining and granular computing
Soft computing in economics and finance
Mathematik für Ingenieure
Design of modern heuristics
Speech processing and soft computing
IT-Management durch KI-Methoden und andere naturanaloge Verfahren
Artificial intelligence and computational intelligence
Advances in Soft Computing
Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology
Contemporary computing
Soft computing in green and renewable energy systems
Emotion-oriented systems
Unconventional computation
Combining Soft Computing and Statistical Methods in Data Analysis
Soft computing for recognition based on biometrics
Towards hybrid and adaptive computing
Soft computing in XML data management
Unconventional Computation
Wind power systems
Artifical Intelligence and Soft Computing
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing
Soft computing models in industrial and environmental applications, 5th International Workshop (SOCO 2010)
Knowledge-free and learning-based methods in intelligent game playing
Soft computing in industrial applications
Applying computational intelligence
Advances in soft computing
Computational intelligence in security for information systems 2010
Rough set and knowledge technology
Computational methods for the innovative design of electrical devices
Preferences and Decisions
Quantitative logic and soft computing 2010
Advances of soft computing in engineering
Fuzzy cognitive maps
Novel developments in granular computing
Soft computing applications for database technologies
Handbook of multicriteria analysis
Marketing intelligent systems using soft computing
Intelligent soft computation and evolving data mining
Soft Computing for Intelligent Control and Mobile Robotics
Computer and information science 2010
Tree-structure based hybrid computational intelligence
Theory and practice of uncertain programming
Algorithmic composition
Bio-inspired technologies for the hardware of adaptive systems
Intelligent Text Categorization and Clustering
Applications of soft computing
Fuzzy rationality
Epistemic foundations of fuzziness
Design and control of intelligent robotic systems
Human-centric information processing through granular modelling
Soft computing for data mining applications
Soft computing based modeling in intelligent systems
Visual complexity and intelligent computer graphics techniques enhancements
Hybrid self-organizing modeling systems
Computational intelligence
Advances in Data Management
Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology
Advances in computational intelligence
Aspects of soft computing, intelligent robotics and control
Towards intelligent engineering and information technology
Unconventional Computation
New challenges in computational collective intelligence
Evolutionary design of intelligent systems in modeling, simulation and control
Bio-inspired hybrid intelligent systems for image analysis and pattern recognition
Intelligent and soft computing in infrastructure systems engineering
Rough sets, fuzzy sets, data mining and granular computing
New challenges in applied intelligence technologies
Soft computing applications in business
Soft Computing for Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Artificial intelligence and soft computing - ICAISC 2008
Foundations of intelligent systems
Soft computing for knowledge discovery and data mining
Supervised and Unsupervised Ensemble Methods and their Applications
Quantum inspired intelligent systems
Toward artificial sapience
Modeling of metal forming and machining processes
Knowledge processing with interval and soft computing
Soft computing
Soft computing applications in industry
Computational intelligence
Type-2 fuzzy logic
Intelligent distributed computing, systems and applications
Unconventional Computing
Soft methods for handling variability and imprecision
Design and analysis of learning classifier systems
Rough sets and knowledge technology
Computational intelligence paradigms
Applications of fuzzy sets theory
Unconventional Computation
Hybrid intelligent systems
Computational Intelligence for Agent-based Systems
Computational neurogenetic modeling
Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining and Granular Computing
Ordinal Optimization
Theoretical advances and applications of fuzzy logic and soft computing
Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Healthcare - 2
Evolutionary scheduling
Frontiers in computing technologies for manufacturing applications
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ICAISC 2006
Unconventional computation
Rough sets and knowledge technology
Soft methods for integrated uncertainty modelling
Towards a unified modeling and knowledge representation based on lattice theory
Advances in Web Intelligence and Data Mining
Flexible Databases Supporting Imprecision and Uncertainty
Fuzzy chaotic systems
Multi-Objective Machine Learning
Fuzzy logic and applications
Fuzzy logic and applications
Extending the scalability of linkage learning genetic algorithms
Soft computing in web information retrieval
Neural networks in a softcomputing framework
Computational intellingence [i.e. intelligence]
Soft computing
Fuzzy systems engineering
Soft computing as transdisciplinary science and technology
Simulating Fuzzy Systems
Soft computing for information processing and analysis
Recent advances in memetic algorithms
The brain
Unconventional Computation (vol. [3699)
Biomimetic neural learning for intelligent robots
Fuzzy control of queuing systems
Fuzzy Database Modeling with XML
Rough sets, fuzzy sets, data mining, and granular computing
Rough-neural computing
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