Thomas and Sally Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778)

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    Sprache : anglais
    Anmerkung :
    Pastorale dramatique en 2 actes. - Livret de I. Bickerstaffe. - Créé à Covent Garden
    1re exécution : 1760-11-28
    Éd. : 1761
    Anderer Titel : The sailor's return

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    Thomas and Sally
    Thomas and Sally
    Thomas and Sally ; or the Sailor's Return : a dramatic pastoral. As it is performed at the Theatre royal in Drury-Lane and Covent Garden... for the voice, harpsichord, and violin
    Thomas and Sally, or the Sailor's Return, a dramatic pastoral, with the overture in score, Songs, dialogues duettos and dance tunes, as perform'd at the Theatre royal in Covent Garden, by Mr Beard and Miss Brent, Mr Mattocks, Mrs Vernon and chorus...
    Thomas and Sally

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    Thomas and Sally

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