Alfred Leslie Rowse (1903-1997)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Tregonissey, GB, 04-12-1903
Tod : St. Austell, GB, 03-10-1997
Anmerkung :
Historien, poète et spécialiste de l'oeuvre de William Shakespeare
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2130 5821

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The England of Elizabeth
The expansion of Elizabethan England
Historians I have known
All Souls in my time
The Controversial Colensos
Quiller Couch
Court & country
Reflections on the Puritan Revolution
In Shakespeare's land
A Like
Les Homosexuels célèbres
The Byrons and Trevanions
Milton the puritan
Shakespeare the Elizabethan
Homosexuals in history
Matthew Arnold
Simon Forman: sex and society in Shakespeare's age
Shakespeare, the man
The Tower of London in the history of the nation
The Cornish in America
A Cornishman at Oxford
Shakespeare's Southampton
William Shakespeare ["William Shakespeare"]. Traduit de l'anglais par Henri Nolp et P. [Pierre] Tirruon, sous la direction de Jeanine Delpech...
Christopher Marlowe
William Shakespeare
The Use of history
Ralegh and the Throckmortons
The Elizabethans and America...
The Later Churchills, by A. L. Rowse
The Early Churchills, an English family, by A. L. Rowse
The Expansion of Elizabethan England, by A. L. Rowse,...
An Elizabethan garland, by A. L. Rowse
The England of Elizabeth
L'Esprit de l'histoire d'Angleterre. Avec une préface d'André Siegfried,...
Tudor Cornwall
The End of an epoch
Poems of deliverance
West-country stories
The English spirit
The Spirit of English history
William Shakespeare

Préfacier (4)

Collins guide to the ruined abbeys of England, Wales and Scotland
Froude's Spanish story of the Armada and others essays
The Autobiography
Cornwall in the age of the industrial revolution, by John Rowe,... Introduction by A. L. Rowse

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A History of France, by Lucien Romier. Translated and completed by A. L. Rowse

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John Buchan, by his wife and friends...

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A. L. Rose and Cornwall
A. L. Rowse

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