Ruth Josephine Dean (1902-2003)

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : feminin
Geburt : 10-03-1902
Tod : 02-03-2003
Anmerkung :
Professeur de littérature et de langue française, Mount Holyoke college, South Hadley, Mass.
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 4320 5146

Activities of Ruth Josephine Dean (1902-2003) (26)

Auteur du texte (25)

Anglo-Norman literature
Nicholas Trevet, historian
Un Fragment anglo-normand de la Folie Tristan de Berne
The Fair Field of Anglo-Norman
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An Early treatise on heraldry in Anglo-Norman
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The Dedication of Nicholas Trevet's commentary on Boethius
What is anglo-norman ?
Anglo-norman literature and its background (M. Dominica Legge)...
The manuscripts of Nicholas Trevet's anglo-norman Cronicles
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The Science and art of paleography
A Fair field needing folk
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Unnoticed commentaries on the "Dissuasio Valerii." of Walter Map
Cultural relations in the Middle ages
The Earliest known commentary on Livy is by Nicholas Trevet
Latin paleography
Elizabeth, abbess of Schönan, and Roger of Ford
Ms. Bodleian 292 and the canon of Trevet's work
Nicholas Trevet
An Anglo-Norman version of Grossetexte
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