Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778)

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Land : Grande-Bretagne
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : Londres, 12-03-1710
Tod : Londres, 05-03-1778
Anmerkung :
Compositeur, violoniste et claveciniste
Sachgruppe : Musique
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0911 191X

Activities of Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778) (336)

Harmonisateur (2)

Des Chants, des choeurs
The Beggars opera, as it is performed at both theatres with the additional alterations by Dr. Arne, for the voice, harpsichord and violin, the basses entirely new

Auteur du texte (2)

Cymon and Iphigenia. A cantata set by Mr. Arne...
The Songs, duets, and chorusses in the tragedy of Elfrida, as performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden with the overture adapted for the harpsi.d, composed by D. Thomas Augustine Arne

Compositeur présumé (1)

A-hunting we will go

Réalisation de la basse continue (1)

Cantata the Morning for soprano voice (or treble), recorder, strings (ad lib.) and keyboard.. Edited, and the figured bass realized by Robert Salkeld, Thomas Augustine Arne. [Conducteur et parties]

Compositeur de l'œuvre adaptée (1)

"The glitt'ring sun"

Auteur ou responsable intellectuel (21)

The Early years : recordings made between 1946 und 1955
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
L'orgue anglais
The Age of Bel canto
The Age of Bel canto
L'art de la prima donna - "Joan Sutherland" (1)
Marches anglaises
Petites Etudes sur des airs connus à l'usage des jeunes violonistes...
L'Ecole du violon au XVIIe et au XVIIIe siècle. Collection Joseph Debroux
The Beggar's opera as it is performed at the Lyric theatre, Haromersmith. With new settings of the airs and additional music, by Frederic Austin, arranged for the voice and pianoforte.... [Texte de John Gay. Additional music]
God save the king, Rule Britannia [de Arne], la Marseillaise [de Rouget de Lisle]. Entente cordiale. Pour piano
Standard English Songs, edited, revised and the words partly rewritten by W. A. Barrett. The accompaniments, arranged by Dr Stainer, Dr Martin. Mr Henry Gadsby. Mr A. J. Caldicott. Mr Burnham Horner. Mr Joseph Barnby and the editor. Book I.
Rule britania, arr. par L. Vié
A new and enlarged edition of Cheetham's psalmody, harmonised in score, with an arrangement for the organ or pianoforte by J. Houldsworth,...
God save the Queen et Rule Britannia [de Arne], les deux airs nationaux en français et en anglais
Lionel and Clarissa : a comic opera ; as perform'd at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, by the author of Love in a village [Isaac Bickerstaffe], the musick compos'd by several eminent masters
CONCERTO pour orgue et orchestre en sol mineur N °5
Rule, Britannia harmonised for four voices by Vincent Novello

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The theatre career of Thomas Arne
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Doctor Arne, by Hubert Langley
Caractacus not Arne's Caractacus
Dr. Arne, a bicentenary notice
The Chamber music of Boyce and Arne

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Thomas Augustine Arne
Thomas Augustine Arne
Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778)
Thomas Augustine Arne
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