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Engineering of nanobiomaterials
Self as nation
Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and workover
Lignin in polymer composites
Essential skills for hackers
Meeting people via WiFi and Bluetooth
Structured search for big data
Digital forensics
Google hacking for penetration testers
Robust automatic speech recognition
Software quality assurance
Agile systems engineering
Land restoration
Introduction to the theories and varieties of modern crime in financial markets
Breaking into information security
Commercial aircraft hydraulic systems
Information cosmopolitics
Advances in imaging and electron physics Volume one hundred and eighty-eight
Mesoscale modeling in chemical engineering
Transmission pipeline calculations and simulations manual
Marketing the 21st century library
Multilingual information management
Strategic human resource planning for academic libraries
Online Arab spring
Managing the one-person library
Biomarkers and Biosensors
Enzyme nanoparticles
Handbook of specialty fluorinated polymers
Application of nonlinear systems in nanomechanics and nanofluids
Plant design and operations
Emerging nanotechnologies for manufacturing
Infosec management fundamentals
Regulatory T cells in health and disease
Advances in clinical chemistry Volume seventy two
Semiconductor nanowires
Advances in organometallic chemistry Volume sixty four
A machine-learning approach to phishing detection and defense
Python passive network mapping
Emerging trends in computational biology, bioinformatics, and systems biology
Designing for human reliability
Service computing
Security controls evaluation, testing, and assessment handbook
Metabolic analysis using stable isotopes
Advances in applied microbiology Volume ninety two
Advances in immunology Volume one hundred and twenty five
Biology and evolution of the Mexican cavefish
Advances in marine biology Volume seventy
High performance parallelism pearls
Introduction to social media investigation
The cloud security ecosystem
PCI compliance
Enterprise business intelligence and data warehousing
Computational methods for understanding riboswitches
Commonsense reasoning
Cloud data centers and cost modeling
Essentials of coating, painting, and lining for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries
Molecular and cell biology of pain
Green information technology
Batch and semi-batch reactors
Securing SQL server
Riboswitches as targets and tools
Handbook of coastal disaster mitigation for engineers and planners
Problem-solving in high performance computing
Successful user experience
Computational network science
Top-down digital VLSI design
Unconventional gas reservoirs
Data mining and predictive analysis
Google Earth forensics
Augmented reality law, privacy, and ethics
Detecting and combating malicious email
Business espionage
Conceptual design for interactive systems
Multicore and GPU Programming
Securing VoIP
Soil microbiology, ecology and biochemistry
Crime scene investigation
Solid waste recycling and processing
Nanofluidics and microfluidics
Handbook of small modular nuclear reactors
Sputtering materials for VLSI and thin film devices
Rotating electrode methods and oxygen reduction electrocatalysts
Direct methane to methanol
Bioenergy research
Professional misconduct against juveniles in correctional treatment settings
Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the treatment of life-threatening diseases
Forensic investigation of sex crimes and sexual offenders
Mitochondrial function
Adiabatic fixed-bed reactors
Epigenetics and neuroplasticity
Process modeling style
Up and running with AutoCAD 2015
Materials science and engineering of carbon
Business continuity
Security leader insights for information protection
Joe Celko's SQL for smarties
High acid crudes
Advances in motivation science Volume 1
Oil and gas corrosion prevention
Advances in geophysics Volume 55
Advances in heat transfer volume Fortysix
Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy Volume 82
International review of cell and molecular biology Vol. 313
Advances in computers Volume ninety three
The psychology of learning and motivation
The basics of digital privacy
Gasification of unconventional feedstocks
Molecular basis of memory
Advanced theory of constraint and motion analysis for robot mechanisms
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume One Hundred and Eleven
Instrumental thin-layer chromatography
Optical radiometry for ocean climate measurements
Network and system security
Managing information security
Cyber security and IT infrastructure protection
Measuring ocean currents
Risk management framework
Placing the suspect behind the keyboard
Data hiding
Alternate light source imaging
Developments in handwriting and signature identification in the digital age
Reaffirming rehabilitation
Engineered nanopores for bioanalytical applications
Experimental methods and instrumentation for chemical engineers
Interpreting aerial photographs to identify natural hazards
Big data analytics
Advances in food and nutrition research Volume seventy
Mineral explorations
Agile user experience design
Vegas pro 11 editing workshop
Theory of aerospace propulsion
Practical lock picking
SQL injection attacks and defense
CISSP study guide
PCI compliance
Securing SQL server
Windows forensic analysis toolkit
Moving to the cloud
Low tech hacking
Digital forensics for legal professionals
Client-side attacks and defense
Malware forensics field guide for Windows systems
The effect of sterilization on plastics and elastomers
Handbook of sputter deposition technology
Art beyond the lens
Final Cut Pro X for iMovie and Final Cut Express users
3ds max design architectural visualization
The audio expert
Eargle's Microphone book
Photographing flowers
Concert and live music photography
Getting started in 3D with Maya
Show case
First-time filmmaker F*# ups
Bloggers boot camp
Audio engineering 101
The makeup artist handbook
Photographing childhood
HTML5 mobile websites
Social game design
Tradigital 3ds Max
The art and technique of digital color correction
More food styling for photographers and stylists
How to cheat in Maya 2012
3D motion graphics for 2D artists
The elements of photography
Portable video
Shooting movies without shooting yourself in the foot
Elemental magic Volume 2
Practical art of motion picture sound
Action analysis for animators
Principles of data integration
IT manager's handbook
Construction hazardous materials compliance guide
Construction hazardous materials compliance guide
Data governance
Gas sweetening and processing field manual
Gas dehydration field manual
IPhone and iOS forensics
The basics of hacking and penetration testing
Android forensics
Industrial network security
Penetration tester's open source toolkit
Securing the cloud
Thor's Microsoft security bible
Earth's magnetosphere
Directors tell the story
The design of active crossovers
Focus on lighting photos
Plug-in to After Effects
Producing animation
Focus on Apple Aperture
Mix smart
Cinema 4D
Focus on Adobe Photoshop
Pro Tools 9
Character animation fundamentals
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Bob Dylan in concert
Bob Dylan in concert

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