Thomas Badeslade (1718-1750)

Bildung aus Gallica über Thomas Badeslade (1718-1750)
Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 1718
Tod : 1750
Anmerkung :
Ingénieur et cartographe anglais actif de 1712 à 1741
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 6312 516X

Activities of Thomas Badeslade (1718-1750) (55)

Cartographe (54)

Chorographia Britanniae or A set of maps of all the countries in England and Wales
A Map of Suffolk
A Map of Surrey
A Map of the Bishoprick of Durham
A Map of the County of Middlesex
A Map of the County of Salop
A Map of Warwick Shire
A Map of Westmorland
A Map of Worcester Shire
A Map of York Shire
To his Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This Work entitled Chorographia Britanniae: Or A set of Maps of all the Counties in England and Wales
Wilt Shire
Chorographia Britanniae. Or a Set of Maps of all the Counties in England and Wales: to which are prefix'd the following general Maps, viz. I. An Accurate Chart of the Sea Coast, exhibiting all the Royal Docks, Fortifications, Harbours, Sands &c. II. A Map of England and Wales, as divided into Counties, with the Names of the Cities and County Towns; and the Length, Breadth, and Superficial Content of the Whole, and each County separately. III. A Map of the great Roads from London, to all parts of South Britain; with Tables shewing the distance of each City, and Town upon the Road, from the Metropolis, both in Computed and Measured Miles. IV. A Map of all the Cross Roads, from one great Town to another, with the distances from Town to Town, both by Computation and Measure. With the particular Map of each County, is an Account of all the Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Parishes, and Rivers therein: the Number of Members it sends to Parliament, the Market and Fair days, and in those of Oxford and Cambridge, a...
The County of Sussex
Lanca Shire
A Map of Bedford Shire
A Map of Berk Shire
A Map of Buckingham Shire
A Map of Cambridge Shire
A Map of Cheshire
A Map of Cornwall
A Map of Cumberland
A Map of Derby Shire
A Map of Devon Shire
A Map of Dorset Shire
A Map of Glocester-shire
A Map of Hamp Shire
A Map of Hereford Shire
A Map of Hertford Shire
A Map of Huntingdon Shire
A Map of Kent
A Map of Leicester Shire
A Map of Lincoln Shire
A Map of Monmouth Shire
A Map of Norfolk
A Map of Northampton Shire
A Map of Northumberland
A Map of Nottingham Shire
A Map of Oxford-shire
A Map of Rutland Shire
A Map of Somerset Shire
A Map of Stafford Shire
An Alphabetical List of all the Cities, Boroughs, & Market Towns in England & Wales. Note the Cities are distinguish'd by Capitals, the Boroughs are in Print, & the Market Towns in Round-Hand
A Chart Shewing the Sea Coast of England & Wales, with ye Fortifications Royal Docks, Harbours, Sands &c.
A Map of the Great Roads from London to all parts of South Britain
A Map of the principal Cross-Roads from one Great Town, to another; thro. England and Wales
England & Wales, divided into County's; with the County Towns
A Map of North Wales
A Table of all the Cross Roads in England and Wales.To follow Plate 4
A Table of the High Roads through England and Wales.Tab.1. to follow Plate 3
A Table of the High Roads through England and Wales.Tab.2. to follow Plate 3
An Alphabetical List of all the Cities, Boroughs, & Market Towns in England & Wales
A Map of South Wales

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HARWARDEN CASTLE and PARK in FLINTSHIRE, Five miles from the City of Chester

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