T. Harmer (graveur, 17..-18..)

Bildung aus Gallica über T. Harmer (graveur, 17..-18..)
Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 17..
Tod : 18..
Geschäftsbetrieb : Imprimeur fabricant
Anmerkung :
Andere Namen : T. Harmar (graveur, 17..-18..)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 6661 0427

Activities of T. Harmer (graveur, 17..-18..) (75)

Graveur (68)

Chart of the south coast of China from Macao to The Brothers
Plan of Tong-Hou Cove
Plan of Vizagapatnam
A map of Hindoostan or the Mogul Empire from the latest authorities
Sketch of the passage between po. Banjac and the west coast of Sumatra
Chart of part of the west coast of Madagascar
Plan of Byrons bay on St. Cruz island, 1767
Plan of Bomeeny harbour, 1770
Padang, the chief settlement of the dutch company on the west coast of Sumatra
Strait of Secockup
Flying Eagle Pl. 2
A chart of the channel within the Island Cheduba
Plan of Byrons harbour on St. Cruz island, 1767
Princess Augusta, Pitt's passage, 1761
Benguela road from Bellin's Petit atlas maritime, village Bay
Chart of a great bay on the north side of New Guinea
Chart of Faveau's voyage
Chart of part of the east coast of Celebes and the adjacent islands
Chart of the island Palawan
Chart of the strait of Solor
Chart of the straits of Salayr
Kanary islands n° of Mysol
Plan of Abai harbour on the NW coast of Borneo
Plan of Bunwood island and part of the coast of the island Magindanao
Plan of Dory harbour
Plan of Leno harbour on Magindanao
Plan of Mayham surveyed in may 1777
Plan of Mombass on the east coast of Africa
Plan of port Praslin, discovered in the ship S. Jean-Baptiste commanded by Chevalier de Surville, 1769
Plan of Rawak harbour on the north side of Waygiou
Plan of the harbour of Offak on Waygiou
Plan of the island Chaos called by the people saved from the Doddington's Wreck, Bird island
Plan of the islands of Aiou or Yowl
Plan of Vinkops or Wine-Coopers point and bay on Java
Revenge's views Pitt's passage, 1763 & 1764
Sambeelan islands in the strait of Malacca
Sketch of Carimon Java
Views of Formosa & Bashee islands
Chart of a Great Bay on the north side of New Guinea
Strait of Sincapore
Plan of the bay of Huddada
Three bays on the South coast of Persia
Turtle bay on S. coast of Java
Plan of the island Rottenest lying off the west coast of New Holland
[Views of coast of China] [Pl. 2]
Plan of the straits of Solor
Plan of the typa near Macao in China
Island St. Thomas
Plan of Vassava
[Views of coast of China] [Pl. 3]
Chart of Martavan river from an english ms.
New Holland, Sumbawa, Lombock, Bally and Madura
Part of the island Lubeck, called by the natives Babean
Pitt's passage Pl. 1
Pitt's passage Pl. 2
A chart of Po. Nayas
Views of the lands around the Pitts-straits
Capt. Kirtons survey of the harbour at po. Pisang on the west coast of Sumatra
Sumbawa road
Mozambique channel Pl : 1
Plan of Brava on the coast of Africa
A chart of the coast of Persia with the various branches of Bussora river
Mozambique channel
Malabar coast Plate 3
Plan of Eagle island
Plan of Ballambouang bay in the strait of Bally
Views of Fort St. George on the coast of Choromandel

Graveur en lettres (2)

Chart of the Peeloo Archipelago from observations in 1793 & 1794
[Vues des côtes de la Chine, sections numérotées de 8 à 15]

Auteur du texte (2)

A Map of Hindoostan, or the Mogul Empire
A map of Hindoostan or the Mogul Empire

Autre (2)

A map of the Baroche Purgunnhas and part of the adjacent provinces wherein are laid down the different towns & villages belonging to each district with the rivers and roads and the rout of the army from Brodra in 1775
Plan of the West Coast of the Island Ceyloan from Manaar to Navelkadoe

Graveur de musique (1)

Six sonatas for the harpsichord or piano-forte with an accompanyment for a violin or German flute, composed... by Jane Mary Guest. Opera prima

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