Philip Hayes (1738-1797)

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Land : Grande-Bretagne
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 1738
Tod : 19-03-1797
Anmerkung :
Compositeur et organiste
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8387 7756

Activities of Philip Hayes (1738-1797) (19)

Compositeur (13)

English keyboard concertos, 1740-1815
The music collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford Part three. - Reel 12
şyry ʼrẕ yşdʼl
Chairs to mend, old chairs to mend. - [31]
If neither brass nor marble. - [15]
Oh ever against eating cares. - [36]
Sure women and wine are an excellent theme. - [28]
Ubi sunt gaudia. - [85]
Unbend this working mind awhile. - [54]
Alleluia. - [20]
You beat your pate. - [17]
Ans Werk, aus Werk mit neuen Mut. - [142]
Ars longa, vita brevis. - [14]

Auteur ou responsable intellectuel (4)

Lob Gott getrost mit Singen...
The Village Organist. A Series of Pieces for church and general use, edited by J. Stainer and F. Cunningham Woods. Volume I [-VIII]
The Village Organist. A series of Pieces for Church and General use, edited by J. Stainer and F. Cunningham Woods. Volume I-[VIII]
Cathedral chants of the XVI, XVII, XVIII centuries, edited by Edward F. Rimbault

Éditeur scientifique (1)

Cathedral music in score composed, by Dr William Hayes,...

Compositeur de l'œuvre adaptée (1)

Introduction and fugue in F (on a chant, by Dr. Philip Hayes)

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