Melodies of different nations. WO 9 Muzio Clementi (1752-1832)

Sprache : italien
Erscheinungsjahr : 1814
Anmerkung :
Sur des airs populaires de différents pays et des compositions de Rauzzini, Sacchini et Haydn, avec de nouveaux textes de David Thomson et de nouveaux accompagnements de Clementi. - Éd. : Londres : Clementi, Ranger, Collard, Davis & Collard, 1814
Réunit : "The troubadour" ; "When the beauty leads the sprightly dance" : [duo] / the vocal parts by Rauzzini ; "The Norwegian maid" ; "Though no mines are abounding" ; "If sighing could recall the years" ; "I've not said how much I love her" / the vocal part by Sacchini ; "The remembrance" ; "Why should we, the days of our boyhood bewailing" : terzetto ; "The martial spirit of Caledonia" ; "Cupid in London" / the vocal part by Haydn ; "The fall of Saragossa" ; "Light are the hearts of the gay sons of Erin" ; "The Georgian captive" ; "The Spaniards" / the chorus harmonized for four voices by Clementi

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Melodies of different nations Op-sn 25 (WO 9) per voce e pianoforte

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