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    Attribué généralement à Aristote

    Ouvrage de philosophie morale en 8 livres. Les livres IV à VI sont identiques aux livres V à VII de l'"Éthique à Nicomaque"

    Éthique à Eudème : Raphael Woolf as éditeur scientifique

  • Rereading ancient philosophy

    old chestnuts and sacred cows

    Format : 1 vol. (xiii-307 p.)
    Anmerkung : Note : Bibliogr. p. 276-298. Notes bibliogr. Index
    Abstract : This book revisits, and sheds fresh light on, some key texts and debates in ancient philosophy. Its twin targets are 'Old Chestnuts' - well-known passages in the works of ancient philosophers about which one might have thought everything there is to say has already been said - and 'Sacred Cows' - views about what ancient philosophers thought, on issues of philosophical importance, that have attained the status of near-unquestioned orthodoxy. Thirteen leading scholars respond to these challenges by offering new perspectives on familiar material and challenging some prevailing orthodoxies. On authors ranging from the Presocratics to Plotinus, the book represents a snapshot of contemporary scholarship in ancient philosophy, and a vigorous and illuminating affirmation of its continuing interest and power. The volume is dedicated to Professor M. M. McCabe, an inspiring scholar and teacher, colleague and friend to both the editors and the contributors
    Publikationen : Cambridge : Cambridge university press
    Éditeur scientifique : Verity A. Harte, Raphael Woolf

Alle (2 Documents)