John Bowring (1792-1872)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Gender : masculin
Birth : 17-10-1792
Death : 23-11-1872
Note :
Homme politique, écrivain, hyperpolyglotte, traducteur

Activities of John Bowring (1792-1872) (16)

Auteur du texte (12)

Autobiographical recollections of sir John Bowring, with a brief memoir by Lewin B. Bowring
A Visit to the Philippine islands, by Sir John Bowring,...
The Kingdom and people of Siam, with a narrative of the mission to that country in 1855, by Sir John Bowring,...
The decimal System in numbers, coins, and accounts... by sir John Bowring...
Bericht über den deutschen Zoll-Verband an Lord Viscount Palmerston,... von John Bowring... Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Dr. F. G. Buek
Observations on the oriental plague and on quarantines as a means of arresting its progress, addressed to the British Association of science assembled at Newcastle in August 1838, by John Bowring
Statistica della Toscana, di Lucca, degli Stati Pontifici e Lombardo-Veneti e specialmente delle loro relazioni commerciali, rapporto di Giovanni Bowring, tradotto da un 'amico dell' autore
First report on the commercial relation between France and Great Britain, addressed to the right hon. the Lords of the Committee of Privy council for trade and plantations, by George Villiers and John Bowring, with a supplementary report by John Bowring...
Wybor z básnictwi českého. Cheskian anthology, being a history of the poetical literature of Bohemia, with translated specimens, by John Bowring,...
Wyborpoezyipolskiey, specimens of the Polish poets, with notes and observations on the literature of Poland, by John Bowring
Servian popular poetry, translated by John Bowring...
Ultra-catholicism in France. In a letter to the editor of the Monthly Repository. (By John Bowring.)

Éditeur scientifique (3)

Specimens of the Polish Poets
The Works of Jeremy Bentham, now first collected, under the superintendence of his executor, John Bowring...
Coup d'oeil sur les avantages des relations commerciales entre la France et l'Angleterre, basées sur les vrais principes de l'économie politique

Traducteur (1)

Translations from Alexander Petöfi, the Magyar poet, by Sir John Bowring,...

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