John Garstang (1876-1956)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Blackburn (GB), 05-05-1876
Death : Beyrouth (Liban), 12-09-1956
Note :
Archéologue. - Professeur d'archéologie à l'Université de Liverpool (1907-1941)
Field : Archéologie. Préhistoire. Histoire ancienne
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2130 6656

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Auteur du texte (17)

The Geography of the Hittite empire, by John Garstang and O. R. Gurney
The Story of Jericho
En Cilicie : un centre de contact entre les diverses civilisations de l'époque préhistorique
The Heritage of Solomon, and historical introduction to the sociology of ancient Palestine, by John Garstang...
The Hittite Empire, being a survey of the history, geography and monuments of Hittite Asia Minor and Syria, by John Garstang,...
Meroë, the city of the Ethiopians
Meroë, the city of the Ethiopians
The Land of the Hittites, an account of recent explorations and discoveries in Asia minor, with descriptions of the Hittite monuments... by John Garstang,...
The Land of the Hittites, an account of recent explorations and discoveries in Asia Minor, with descriptions of the Hittite monuments, by John Garstang
The Burial customs of ancient Egypt as illustrated by tombs of the middle kingdom, being a report of excavations made in the necropolis of Beni Hassan during 1902-3-4, by John Garstang,...
Tombs of the third Egyptian dynasty at Reqâqnah and Bêt Khallâf... by John Garstang,...
A short History of ancient Egypt, by Percy E. Newberry,... and John Garstang,...
Maḥasna and Bêt Khallâf...
Maḥâsna and Bêt Khallâf, by John Garstang,... with a chapter by Kurt Sethe,...
El Arábah (a cemetery of the middle kingdom, survey of the old kingdom temenos, graffiti from the temple of Sety), by John Garstang, with notes, by Percy E. Newberry on the hieroglyphic inscriptions and by J. Grafton Milne on the Greek graffiti
Notes on Hittite political geography, by John Garstang
The Sun goddess of Arenna. The winged deity and other sculptures of Malatia, by John Garstang

Préfacier (2)

The Alalakh tablets, by D. J. Wiseman. [Foreword by John Garstang.]
Researches in prehistoric Galilee

Annotateur (1)

British School of archaeology in Jerusalem, "supplementary papers"...

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Finds from J. Garstang's excavations in Meroe and F. Ll. Griffith's in Kawa, Sudan in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

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