Thore Gustav Halle (1884-1964)

Country : Suède
Language : suédois
Gender : masculin
Birth : Mullsjö, Suède, 25-09-1884
Death : Saltsjöbaden, Suède, 12-05-1964
Note :
A aussi écrit en anglais
Paléobotaniste et géologue. - Directeur et professeur au Musée d'histoire naturelle de Stockholm
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 7359 2183

Activities of Thore Gustav Halle (1884-1964) (10 resources in

Textual works (10)

The Structure of certain fossil spore-bearing organs believed to belong to pteridosperms
Younger palacozoic plants from East Greenland, collected by the Danish expeditions 1929 and 1930, by T. G. Halle...
Some seed-bearing pteridosperms from the permian of China, by T. G. Halle...
Paloeozoic plants from central Shansi
Lower devonian plants from Röragen in Norway
Some mesozoic plant-bearing deposits in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego and their floras, by T. G. Halle...
The Mesozoic flora of Graham land, by T. G. Halle
On the geological structure and history of the Falkland islands, academical dissertation, by Thore G. Halle...
On the Swedish species of "Sagenopteris" (Presl) and on "Hydropterangium" nov. gen., by Thore G. Halle...
Zur Kenntnis der mesozoischen "Equisetales" Schwedens, von Thore G. Halle...

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