John Newton (1622-1678)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1622
Death : 1678
Note :
Mathématicien, astronome

Activities of John Newton (1622-1678) (7)

Auteur du texte (7)

Cosmographia, or a View of the terrestrial and coelestial globes in a brief explanation of the principles of plain and solid geometry applied to surveying and gauging of cask ; the doctrine of the "primum mobile"... to which is added an introduction into geography, by John Newton,...
An Introduction to the art of logick... by John Newton,... The second edition enlarged and amended by the author
The English academy, or a brief introduction to the seven liberal arts : grammar, arithmetick, geometrie, musick, astronomie, rhetorick and logick... by John Newton,...
An Introduction to the art of rhetorick... by John Newton,...
The art of practical gauging : or, Plain and easie directions for the gauging of casks and brewers tuns. With a table shewing the area of the segments of a circle
The Scale of interest, or the Use of decimal fractions, with a table of logarithmes... by John Newton,...
Trigonometria britanica, or the Doctrine of triangles, in two books, the first of which sheweth the construction of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents and secants, and a table of logarithms... The other the use... of the canon of artificiall sines, tangents and logarithms... The one composed, the other translated from the latine copie written by Henry Gellibrand,... A table of logarithms to 100.000 thereto annexed... by John Newton,...

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