Edward Drinker Cope (1840-1897)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Philadelphie, Penn., 29-07-1840
Death : Philadelphie, Penn., 12-04-1897
Note :
Paléontologue. - Naturaliste
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8086 3949

Activities of Edward Drinker Cope (1840-1897) (15 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Textual works (14)

The Crocodilians, lizards and snakes of North America, by Edward Drinker Cope,...
Syllabus of lectures on the "Vertebrata"
Exploration of an Indian ossuary on the Choptank river, Dorchester county, Maryland, by Henry C. Mercer,... Physical characters of the skeletons... by Edward D. Cope. Traces of disease in the human remains... by R. H. Harte,...
On Vertebrata from the tertiary and cretaceous rocks of the Nord West territory I
The Batrachia of North America, by E. D. Cope
The Origin of the fittest, essays on evolution, by E. D. Cope,...
Catalogue of batrachians and reptiles of Central America and Mexico, by E. D. Cope
The Vertebrata of the tertiary formations of the West, book I, by Edward D. Cope,...
On the contents of a Bone Cave in the island of Anguilla (West Indies), by Edward D. Cope
On the zoological position of Texas, by Edward D. Cope
Sur les relations des niveaux des vertébrés éteints dans l'Amérique du Nord et en Europe, par M. Edward Cope,...
Check-list of North American batrachia and reptilia, with a systematic list of the higher groups and an essay on geographical distribution based on the specimens contained in the U. S. national museum, by Edward D. Cope
Check-list of North American batrachia and reptilia
Synopsis of new Vertebrata from the tertiary of Colorado, obtained during the summer of 1873

Mixed works (1)

The origin of the fittest and the primary factors of organic evolution

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