Country : Canada
Language : anglais, français
Creation : 01-07-1867

Activities of Canada (242)

Éditeur scientifique (19)

Confederation at the crossroads
Charitable donations
"Nous peuples"... Le Canada et les Nations Unies 1945-1965
Modification de la constitution du Canada
Canadian income tax
Documents on Canadian foreign policy
Lois du Parlement du Canada
Loi du notariat
Canadian graduate theses in the humanities and social sciences, 1921-1946. Thèses des gradués canadiens dans les humanités et les sciences sociales. [Préface par W. Kaye Lamb. Avant-propos par Maurice Lebel]
Comptes publics du Canada pour l'année close le 31 mars...
Index to Reports of Canadian archives, from 1872 to 1908...
Report of the minister of agriculture for the Dominion of Canada...
Report of the minister of public works under his control...
Report concerning Canadian archives for the year 1905... Vol. I (-II). - Canadian archives. Documents relating to the constitutional history of Canada 1759-1791, selected and edited with notes by Adam Shortt,... and Arthur Doughty,... (Vol. III.) Printed by order of Parliament
Report of the Board of civil service examiners for... 1904...
Report of the minister of education on the subject of technical education...
Actes du parlement de la puissance du Canada...
Convention between the postal department of the United States of America and the postal department of the dominion of Canada with instructions to postmasters relative to the system of postal money-orders... to go into operation August 2, 1875
Acte concernant l'union et le gouvernement du Canada de la Nouvelle-Ecosse et du Nouveau-Brunswick, ainsi que les objets qui s'y rattachent 29 mars 1867

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