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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Creation : 12..
Website : (Website visit date: 2012-09-27) (This site has been archived by the BnF since the 16/10/2005)
Address : Trinity Lane, CB2 1TN, Cambridge.
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2188 5934
Field : Éducation
Variants of the name : Academia cantabrigiensis
Cambridge university
Cambridge university. GB
Cambridge university. Gr.-Br.
University of Cambridge. GB

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Contested reformations in the University of Cambridge, 1535-1584
Commemoration in medieval Cambridge
Freud in Cambridge
Descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts in the Library of Peterhouse, Cambridge
Oxford, the collegiate university
The university of Cambridge
Cambridge act and tripos verses
Reflections on Cambridge
Cambridge in Athens
Science, histoire et politique
An American in Victorian Cambridge
Reformation and religious identity in Cambridge, 1590-1644
Mr Hopkins' men
Mr Hopkins' men
Elite, Männlichkeit und Krieg
Oxbridge men
Teacher training at Cambridge
Inside the university of Cambridge in the modern world
Kang you wei niu jin jian qiao da xue you ji shou gao
From Newton to Hawking
Masters of theory
Lady Margaret Beaufort and her professors of divinity at Cambridge
Cambridge scientific minds
Teaching and learning in nineteenth-century Cambridge
A discourse on the studies of the university
Classics in 19th and 20th century Cambridge
Science, politics and universities in Europe
Importing Oxbridge
A literary history of Cambridge
A guide to the general paper
Social anthropology at Cambridge since 1900
Medieval Cambridge
Taking off
The university of Cambridge and the English revolution, 1625-1688
The Medieval English universities
Advanced level - higher school certificate physics
Les Diplomates disparus
The historic gardens of Oxford and Cambridge
Cambridge in the age of the Enlightenment
The Medieval English universities
The Architectural history of the University of Cambridge and of the colleges of Cambridge and Eton
A history of the University of Cambridge
Learning and a liberal education
The Cambridge apostles
Wranglers and physicists
Cambridge commemorated
A Minority interest
Oxford & Cambridge
The story of Cambridge
Introduction to Cambridge

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[Recueil. Affiches d'expositions]
Rosemary Murray, vice-chancellor of Cambridge University
31/3/28, match Oxford - Cambridge [aviron] (CNews)
31/3/28, match Oxford - Cambridge [aviron] (CNews)
2/4/27, Londres, match Oxford [contre] Cambridge [aviron]
2/4/27, Londres, match Oxford [contre] Cambridge [aviron]
Cottenham, steeple chase de Cambridge Université, chute de Scampers (CNews)
Cottenham, steeple chase de Cambridge Université, chute de Barthlett sur Daddy long legs (CNews)
5/4/24, Oxford contre Cambridge [aviron à Londres sur la Tamise]
Equipe de Cambridge 1924 [aviron]
Equipe de Cambridge 1924 [aviron]
Equipe de Cambridge, J.A. Brown [barreur] et A.B. Stobart [aviron] (CNews)
24/3/23, match Oxford-Cambridge [d'aviron à Londres sur la Tamise]
Equipe de Cambridge [aviron]
Equipe de Cambridge [aviron]
[Match d'aviron] Oxford-Cambridge [du 1er avril] 1922, vue pendant la course
Départ du match [d'aviron] Oxford-Cambridge, [le 1er avril] 1922
Equipe [de] Cambridge [match annuel à 8 rameurs contre l'université d'Oxford sur la Tamise]
13-3-13, match [d'aviron] Oxford-Cambridge
30-3-12, match [d'aviron] Oxford-Cambridge, pendant la course

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Comitatis Cantabrigiensis ; vernacule Cambridge Shire
Cantabrigiensis Comitatus ; Cambridge Shire
Cambridgshire described with the devision of tyhe hundreds, the Townes situation, with the Armes of the Colleges of that famous Universiti

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