American library association

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1876
Website :
Address : 50 East Huron street, 60611, Chicago, Illinois.
Field : Sciences de l'information et de la documentation
Variants of the name : ALA
American library association. Chicago, Ill.

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Intellectual freedom manual
ALA glossary of library and information science
Books and libraries in American society during World War II
Sääty-yhteiskunnan kirjastosta kansalaisyhteiskunnan kirjastoksi
Eric Moon
Intellectual freedom and social responsibility in American librarianship
A history of the American library association
Censorship and the American library
E. J. Josey
The Politics of an emerging profession
ALA index to general literature
The ALA index
ALA index to general literature

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American Library Association

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