Brown university. Providence, R.I.

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1764
Note :
De 1764 à 1804 : Rhode Island College
Field : Éducation
Variants of the name : Brown university. Providence, R.I., USA
Universitas brunensis. Providence, R.I.

Activities of Brown university. Providence, R.I. (38)

Éditeur scientifique (29)

Ustica II
Anthropological demography
La Muculufa II
Ustica I
Women's earliest records, from ancient Egypt and Western Asia
Opportunities for research in the John Carter Brown library
A Blake dictionary
Brown university. Bicentennial publications...
The Poems of Queen Elizabeth I
Brown university. Bicentennial publications...
Colver lectures in Brown University
Colver lectures
William Morris and the Kelmscott press
Brown egyptological studies
The Snakes of the subfamily Dipsadinae
Inflation, a study in economics, ethics, and politics. G. L. Bach
The Complete works of Thomas Holley Chivers
American poetry in the eighteen nineties, a study of American verse, 1890-1899, based upon the volumes from that period contained in the Harris Collection of American poetry and plays in the Brown University Library, by Carlin I. Kindilien
Universities and their mission, by Juan López-Morillas
Facts and values, by Henry Margenau. [Address before the graduate convocation Brown University.]
Late Babylonian astronomical and related texts. Copied by T. G. Pinches and J. N. Strassmaier. Prepared... by A. J. Sachs, with the co-operation of J. Schaumberger
A. Pannekoek... Some remarks on the moon's diameter and the eclipse tables in Babylonian astronomy
Brown university. Studies
A Catalogue of the Napoleon collection formed by William Mehry Hoffman, 1867-1916, given to Brown University in 1921, by Mira H. Hoffman
Archaeological survey of Egypt... Memoir
Catalogus senatus academici, et eorum qui munera et officia gesserunt, quique alicujus gradus laurea donati sunt, in universitate Brunensi, Providentiae, in republica Insulae Rhodiensis
Abstracts of a thesis submitted in the graduate school...
Brown university studies. Vol...
Brown University papers

Auteur du texte (8)

Studies in medieval Judaism
The Blathwayt atlas. A collection of forty-eight manuscript printed maps of the seventeenth century relating to the British OverseasEmpire in that era, brought together about 683 for the use of lords of trade and plantations
Man's contracting world in an Expanding Universe
List of Latin American imprints before 1800, selected from bibliographies of José Toribio Medina, microfilmed by Brown University
The Historical catalogue of Brown university
Brown studies on Jews and their societies
Brown university Bicentennial publications...
Brown Egyptological studies

Éditeur commercial (1)

The Blathwayt atlas; a collection of 48 manuscript and printed maps of the 17th century relating to the British overseas empire in that era, brought together about 1683 for the use of the Lords of Trade and Plantations

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