Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. New York, N.Y.

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1937
Commercial activities : Éditeur
Website :
Address : 1071 Fith Avenue (at 89th Street), New York, NY 10128-0173.
Field : Savoir et érudition. Musées
Variants of the name : Guggenheim museum. New York, N.Y.
Musée Guggenheim. New York, N.Y.
Musée Solomon R. Guggenheim. New York, N.Y.
Museum of non-objective paintings. New York, N.Y.

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Kandinsky and the harmony of silence
Kandinsky au Centre Pompidou
Portraits publics, portraits privés, 1770-1830
Constantin Brancusi
Boccioni's materia
Kazimir Malevich
James Rosenquist
[Recueil. Documents d'information]
Rrose is a rrose is a rrose
Georg Baselitz
A century of sculpture
Robert Morris
Rebecca Horn
Claes Oldenburg
Claes Oldenburg
Oskar Kokoschka
Mestariteoksia Guggenheimin museosta
Pierre Alechinsky
Oskar Kokoschka
Transformations in sculpture
Kandinsky in Paris
Kandinsky in Munich
Kandinsky watercolors
Mark Rothko, 1903-1970
Henri Michaux
Max Ernst
Marc Chagall, work on paper, selected masterpieces. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York, june 8-september 28, 1975
Richard Hamilton
Jean Dubuffet
Jean Dubuffet
Eva Hesse
Francis Picabia
Constantin Brancusi 1876-1957
Catalogue of the 5th Guggenheim international exhibition held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum, New York, October 20, 1967-February 4, 1968, then at the Art gallery of Ontario, Toronto, February-March 1968, the National gallery of Canada, Ottawa, April-May 1968, the Montreal museum of fine arts, Montreal, June-August 1968]
European drawings
Jean Dubuffet
20th century Master drawings
20th Century Master drawings. The Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum New-York..., University Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis... The Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge... 1963-1964
Master series
One hundred paintings from the G. David Thompson collection. [Exhibition May-August 1961. The Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum New-York
Inaugural selection
Opening ceremonies of the Salomon R. Güggenheim Museum [New-York. Octobre 21, 1959.]
Kandinsky, peintures
Kandinsky 1866-1944. Fra the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum, New York. Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 18.april-4.mai 1958
Younger European painters, a selection, December 2, 1953 to February 21, 1954. [Preface by James Johnson Sweeney.]
Press Release From the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

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Ryskt avantgarde
Frank Kupka

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The Guggenheim
The great revival
The museum of non-objective painting
Metropolitan, MOMA & Guggenheim
The Guggenheim
Art of tomorrow
Die Baroness und das Guggenheim
Hilla Rebay, art patroness and founder of the Guggenheim Museum of Art
Il tempo e l'architetto
Peggy Guggenheim and Frederick Kiesler
Guggenheim museum collection, A to Z
La percezione dello spazio
[Recueil. Documents d'information]
Rendezvous [sic]
Peggy Guggenheim
Mestariteoksia Guggenheimin museosta
Guggenheim museum
Guggenheim museum
Le Musée Guggenheim

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Skylight / The Guggenheim museum. Vincent Fitzgerald & company, New-York city.
New York, Guggenheim Museum
USA, [Musée Guggenheim]
Etats-Unis, New York, Tenth anniversary party, Guggenheim Museum
[Peggy Guggenheim Museum, New York]

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Frank Lloyd Wright et le Guggenheim
Buren et le Guggenheim
Frank Lloyd Wright et le Guggenheim
Buren et le Guggenheim

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