Stanford university

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1885
Website :
Address : Stanford, CA 94305.
Note :
Fondée par Leland Stanford à Palo Alto, Calif. ; ouverte en 1891
Field : Éducation
Variants of the name : Stanford university. Calif.
Stanford university. Calif., USA
Université de Stanford

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Rhythm and meter
Comparative social policy
Technological frontiers and the public utilities
The City in late imperial China
The Making of a model citizen in communist China
Japan and the United States
Some of the hardest glosses in Old English
Enemies and friends
Who is man ?
Stanford studies in the civilizations ["puis" : civilization] of Eastern Asia
Benjamin Franklin and Pennsylvania politics
Shapes of philosophical history
Studies in mathematical analysis and related topics
A new look at Shakespeare's quartos
Stanford studies in language and literature
Stanford University
Groups and the Constitution. Robert A. Horn
Smollett's hoax : Don Quixote in English, by Carmine Rocco Linsalata
Mineralogy of some Japanese manganese ores, by Donald Edward Lee
The Jazz age revisited, British criticism of American civilization during the 1920's. George Harmon Knoles
Political change and industrial development in Japan : Government enterprise, 1868-1880, by Thomas C. Smith
Who's who in Latin America
Special collections in the Hoover library on war, revolution and peace, by Nina Almond and H. H. Fisher. [Foreword by Herbert Hoover]
International understanding, agences educating for a new world, by John Eugene Harley,... [Foreword by Paul Mantoux.]
Greece today, the aftermath of the refugee impact
Stanford studies in history, economics and political science
Stanford studies in the medical sciences
Stanford studies in the medical sciences
Language and literature
Stanford University publications. University series. Geological sciences
History, economics and political science
The Duval Panama canal series
Biological sciences
Medical studies
Stanford books in World politics
Stanford University publications

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Rhythm and meter

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Deux philosophes français en Californie

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Stanford University

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