H. D. (1886-1961)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : feminin
Birth : Bethleem, Penn., 19-09-1886
Death : Zurich (Suisse), 27-09-1961
Note :
Poétesse. - Connue sous ses initiales
Field : Littératures
Variants of the name : H. D. (1886-1961)
Hilda Doolittle Aldington (1886-1961)
John Helforth (1886-1961)
Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961)
Helga Doorn (1886-1961)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2118 4345

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Livres (52)

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H. D. and modernist religious imagination
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Persistence of modernism
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Winter love
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How to live - what to do
Gnostic contagion
Sex theories and the shaping of two moderns
Eugenic fantasies
Analizarse con Freud
H.D. and the public sphere of modernist women writers, 1913-1946
The sublime of intense sociability
H. D. and poets after
The modern androgyne imagination
Strange prophecies anew
White women writing white
H.D. and Sapphic modernism
Fragments of desire
The gift
H. D. and Hellenism
H. D. and hellenism
H.D. and the Victorian fin de siècle
Engendering inspiration
Out of line
H. D.
H. D.'s Freudian poetics
H. D.
H. D. and Freud
H. D. between image and epic
Penelope's web
The unspeakable mother
Le Don
Thought and vision
H. D.
Herself defined
Tribute to Freud
Pound revised
H. D.
Psyche reborn

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