Wilfred Ruprecht Bion (1897-1979)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Muttra, Penjab, Inde, 08-09-1897
Death : Oxford, GB, 08-11-1979
Note :
Psychanalyste et psychiatre
Field : Psychologie
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1071 4013

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Psychoanalytic practice today
Psychoanalysis and dreams
Transformational processes in clinical psychoanalysis
Bion and Meltzer's expeditions into unmapped mental life
Bion in Buenos Aires
Bion and contemporary psychoanalysis
The Kleinian development Part 3
Psychoanalytische Schulen im Gespräch über die Konzepte Wilfred R. Bions
Body-mind dissociation in psychoanalysis
On mental growth
"Attacks on linking" revisited
Of things invisible to mortal sight
The W. R. Bion tradition
Formless infinity
Un rayon d'intense obscurité
Truth and the unconscious in psychoanalysis
Per una psicoanalisi nelle istituzioni
Professional uncertainty, knowledge and relationship in the classroom
Teaching Bion
The courage of simplicity
Latenz, das "goldene Zeitalter" der Kindheit
La psychanalyse avec Wilfred R. Bion
Sogno mito pensiero
Growth and turbulence in the container-contained
Bion's sources
Introducción a la obra de W.R. Bion
The violence of emotions
Bion and being
Working with trauma
Intersubjective processes and the unconscious
Mappe per l'esplorazione psicoanalitica
Bion today
The early years of life
La violenza delle emozioni
The mystery of analytical work
Containing states of mind
Bion's dream
Tra Bateson e Bion
Con Bion verso il futuro
Wilfred R. Bion
"... But at the same time and on another level ..."
Hawwaʿadah haswdiyt šel Prwyd
Post Freud, post Klein
A clinical application of Bion's concepts
Studi ed esperienze a partire da Bion
Diccionario de la obra de Wilfred R. Bion
Wilfred Bion
Becoming a person through psychoanalysis
Sognare l'analisi
Actualité de la pensée de Bion
A beam of intense darkness
Lire Bion
Études pour une métapsychologie élargie
The language of Bion
Séminaires italiens
Mente e pensiero
The Dictionary of the work of W. R. Bion
Building on Bion
Découvrir W. R. Bion, explorateur de la pensée
Ursprünge des Psychischen
Autour de W. R. Bion, 1897-1979
Wilfred R. Bion
Mémoires de guerre
Bion conocido - desconocido
Wilfred R. Bion
Bion's legacy to groups
Klein-Bion, eine Einführung
War memoirs, 1917-1919
Bion et la naissance de l'espace psychique
Nouvelle introduction à la pensée de Bion
Clinical lectures on Klein and Bion
Nouvelle introduction à la pensée de Bion
Nella stanza d'analisi
The clinical thinking of Wilfred Bion
Do I dare disturb the universe ?
W.R. Bion, une théorie pour l'avenir
All my sins remembered
Aux sources de la vie psychique
Il sentimento e i suoi oggetti
Wilfred R. Bion
The long week-end
The Bion experiments on the origin of life
Psychoanalytische Theorien des Denkens

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