William Blake (1757-1827)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Londres, 28-11-1757
Death : Londres, 12-08-1827
Note :
Poète, peintre et graveur
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2096 135X

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The reception of William Blake in Europe
William Blake
Hobbes, Blair, Blake
William Blake and the myth of America
William Blake's gothic imagination
William Blake in Sussex
Sweet science
William Blake and the age of Aquarius
William Blake
Reading William Blake
Eternity's sunrise
William Blake's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy
William Blake
William Blake in the desolate market
Blake and the Methodists
William blake's religious vision
William Blake and the digital humanities
William Blake
Blake's agitation
Sexy Blake
William Blake ou L'infini
Blake, Deleuzian aesthetics and the digital
Blake, gender and culture
Blake 2.0
Re-envisioning Blake
Visions of Blake
Understanding the poetry of William Blake through a dialectic of contraries
The devil as muse
Blake, sexuality and bourgeois politeness
William Blake
William Blake
Blake's Jerusalem as visionary theatre
Blake on language, power, and self-annihilation
Blake and the Bible
Blake's gifts
Queer Blake
Blake. Wordsworth. Religion.
Blake and Kierkegaard
Blake, Lavater and physiognomy
Blake in our time
Blake and conflict
William Blake, 1757-1827
William Blake on self and soul
William Blake et ses illustrations pour la "Divine comédie"
William Blake and the art of engraving
William Blake and religion
Blake's margins
William Blake
But he talked of the temple of man's body
The complete illuminated books
Seen in my visions
William Blake, poète et peintre
William Blake's conversations
Rencontre avec le soi
Mind-forg'd manacles
Women reading William Blake
Blake, modernity and popular culture
The reception of Blake in the Orient
William Blake and gender
Blake and modern literature
Blake, nation and empire
Palgrave advances in William Blake studies
Gothic nightmares
Gilchrist on Blake
Sanity, madness, transformation
Blake's night thoughts
Visionary materialism in the early works of William Blake
Northrop Frye on Milton and Blake
William Blake
Northrop Frye's fearful symmetry
Blake, nationalism, and the politics of alienation
William Blake
William Blake's comic vision
The wond'rous art
Brahma in the West
The Cambridge companion to William Blake
Traveller in the evening
Romantic satanism
Romantic consciousness
Other sorrows, other joys
William Blake and the impossible history of the 1790s
Imagining nature
Radical Blake
William Blake's minor prophecies
William Blake
"Wonder divine"
The stranger from paradise
Blake et Dante
"Glorious incomprehensible'
Searing apparent surfaces
William Blake
"La divine comédie"
Knight of the living dead
Blake's critique of transcendence
Blake books
Strange prophecies anew
An analysis of William Blake's early writings and designs to 1790
William Blake and the myths of Britain
La folie dans la poésie de William Blake
The biblical presence in Shakespeare, Milton, and Blake
The chained boy
Blake in the Nineties
William Blake
Writing London
Life of William Blake
Life of William Blake
Blake, politics, and history
The alternative trinity
William Blake in a newtonian world
Ideology and utopia in the poetry of William Blake
Locke and Blake
Authorship, ethics and the reader
Blake's altering aesthetic
William Blake
William Blake
William Blake
William Blake
William Blake, 1757-1827
Blake et le sacré
Suite anglaise
William Blake
William Blake
Tra poesia e pittura
Reading Blake's designs
Mythic archetypes in Ralph Waldo Emerson
William Blake
Historicizing Blake
The wisdom of many, the vision of one
"A portion of his life"
Creating states
Within and without eternity
Da Blake al modernismo
Blake's poetry
Witness against the beast
Blake and the idea of the book
Blake's illuminated books Volume 5
Blake's Milton designs
Books and prints by William Blake from the collection formed by the late Frank Rinder
Between Blake and Nietzsche
The illuminated Blake
L'oeuvre de William Blake
Blake and the idea of the book
Love and logic
Dangerous enthusiasm
The Promethean politics of Milton, Blake, and Shelley
Konvention und Innovation
Reading William Blake
Critical essays on William Blake
William Blake
Constructive vision and visionary deconstruction
Golgonooza, city of imagination
Blake, Kierkegaard, and the spectre of dialectic
William Blake's commercial book illustrations
The prophetic novel
Words of eternity
William Blake manichéen et visionnaire
William Blake, 1757-1827
Blake and his Bibles
Fearful symmetry
Fearful symmetry
William Blake
Sons and adversaries
Wheels of eternity
Towards a literature of knowledge
William Blake and the language of Adam
Madness and Blake's myth
William Blake
A Blake dictionary
Materialism and the myths of Blake
Suite anglaise
Blake's heroic argument
Blake records supplement
A study of William Blake's letters
Critical paths
William Blake's epic
Unnam'd forms
The paintings of William Blake
The paintings of William Blake
Blake's vision of the poetry of Milton
The Unholy Bible
Encounter with the self
The Social vision of William Blake
The Romantic body
William Blake
Blake and Spenser
Blake and Fuseli
Samuel Palmer and " The Ancients "
La Magia dei saggi
Infernal poetics
Blake and the language of art
Blake in context
The Separate plates of William Blake
The Moment of explosion
Blake's prophetic psychology
War of titans
Conversing in Paradise
Literal imagination
L'Imagination créatrice de William Blake
William Blake and the moderns
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