Cecil Maurice Bowra (1898-1971)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Kiukiang, Chine, 08-04-1898
Death : Oxford, GB, 04-07-1971
Note :
A été directeur du Wadham College d'Oxford et vice-chancelier de l'Université. - Spécialiste de la Grèce antique
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0892 584X

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O Kōnstantínos Kaváfīs kai to ellīnikó parelthón
La Grèce antique
La Grèce antique
Periclean Athens
On Greek margins
L'expérience grecque
Memories 1898-1939
A Case for humane learning
Chant et poésie des peuples primitifs
Poetry and politics
In general and particular
Primitive song
Greek lyric poetry
Poetry and the first World War
The Romantic imagination
The Greek experience. C. M. Bowra,...
The Simplicity of Racine
Homer and his forerunners, by... Maurice Bowra,...
Problems in Greek poetry, by C. M. Bowra,...
Heroic poetry, by C. M. Bowra
Inspiration and poetry... by C. M. Bowra,...
The Oxford book of Greek verse, chosen by Gilbert Murray, Cyril Bailey, E. A. Barber, T. F. Higham and C. M. Bowra...
The Creative experiment
The romantic imagination
Ancient Greek literature
A Classical education, by C. M. Bowra,...
The Lyrical poetry of Thomas Hardy, by C. M. Bowra,...
A Classical education, by C. M. Bowra, the presidential address delivered to the Classical Association at Oxford on 4th April 1945
From Virgil to Milton
The Oxford book of Greek verse in translation, edited by T. F. Higham and C. M. Bowra
Sophoclean tragedy
A Book of Russian verse, translated into English by various hands and edited by C. M. Bowra
The Heritage of symbolism, by C. M. Bowra
Early Greek elegists...
Rainer Maria Rilke
Greek lyric poetry from Alcman to Simonides, by C. M. Bowra
Tradition and design in the Iliad

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Vyacheslav Ivanov and C.M. Bowra

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