Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?)

Language : grec ancien (jusqu'à 1453)
Gender : masculin
Birth : 38
Death : 100
Note :
Homme politique et historien juif
Variants of the name : Flavius Josephus (0038?-0100?) (latin)
Fláouios I̓ōsīpos (0038?-0100?)
Φλάουιος Ἰώσηπος (0038?-0100?)
Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?)
Flavius Josephus (0038?-0100?)
Flave Josèphe (0038?-0100?)
Flave Josèphe (0038?-0100?)
Flavio Josefo (0038?-0100?)
Flavio Giuseppe (0038?-0100?)
Giuseppe Flavio (0038?-0100?)
Joseph Matatias (0038?-0100?)
Josephus Matatias (0038?-0100?)
Josèphe le Juif (0038?-0100?)
Flavia Josifa (0038?-0100?)
Flavios Josipos (0038?-0100?)
Josippus (0038?-0100?)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2123 5616

Activities of Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) (238 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Manuscripts and archives (5)

Antiquitates Iudaicae (I-X) (Latin 5056) with Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) as Auteur du texte
Livre des Anciennetéz des Juifz, selon la sentence de Josephe (Ms-3686) with Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) as Auteur du texte
De divinis officiis (Latin 8917) with Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) as Auteur du texte
Antiquitates Iudaicae (Latin 17177) with Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) as Auteur du texte
Antiquitates iudaicae (Latin 16730) with Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) as Auteur du texte

Documents about Flavius Josèphe (0038?-0100?) (91 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Livres (89)

Josephus in modern Jewish culture
Les Romains, les Juifs et Flavius Josèphe
Josephus, Paul, and the fate of early Christianity
Shifting images of the Hasmoneans
Synagogues in the works of Flavius Josephus
A history of the Jewish War, A.D. 66-74
A history of the Hasmonean state
Mapping Galilee in Josephus, Luke, and John
Josephus' interpretation of the Book of Samuel
Girsat Ywsepws liMgiylat ʾEster
Sparsa collecta Part 4
Josephus, the emperors, and the city of Rome
First century Galilee
Tod und Sterben im Krieg bei Josephus
From Jerusalem priest to Roman Jew
Reading the first century
Josephus and the theologies of ancient Judaism
Flavius Josèphe
Sculpting idolatry in Flavian Rome
Flavius Josephus
Aus meinem Leben (Vita)
Tragedy, authority, and trickery
Collected works of David Daube
Josephus, Judea, and christian origins
Das Priesterverständnis des Flavius Josephus
Prayer in Josephus
Flavius Josèphe
Studies in Josephus and the varieties of ancient Judaism
Josephus und das Neue Testament
Making history
Judaism and Hellenism reconsidered
Life after death in early Judaism
Out-heroding Herod
La crise maccabéenne
Josephus, Jesusbewegung, Judentum
Flavius Josephus and Flavian Rome
Josephus and Jewish history in Flavian Rome and beyond
La città divisa
Internationales Josephus-Kolloquium Dortmund 2002
Josephus and the New Testament
Josephus on Jesus
A Complete concordance to Flavius Josephus
Il terzo libro delle Antichità Giudaiche di Flavio Giuseppe e la Bibbia
Le Fils de Dieu
Passover in the works of Josephus
The Jewish dialogue with Greece and Rome
Internationales Josephus-Kolloquium Amsterdam 2000
Galilee and Gospel
Flavius Josèphe
Flavius Josèphe
Baptême et résurrection
Understanding Josephus
Turbulent times ?
Jewish rights in the Roman world
The Image of the Jew In Flavius Josephus' paraphrase of the Bible
The spirit in first century Judaism
Die illustrierten Flavius-Josephus-Handschriften des Hochmittelalters
Die "väterlichen Gesetze"
Dreams and dream reports in the writings of Josephus
Josephus and the history of the Greco-Roman period
Medicine and hygiene in the works of Flavius Josephus
Prophetic figures in late Second Temple Jewish Palestine
Josephus and faith
Prophetic figures in the late second temple Jewish Palestine
Stylometric authorship studies in Flavius Josephus and related literature
Studies in the Jewish background of Christianity
Jewish historiography and iconography in early and medieval christianity ...
Flavius Josephus on the Pharisees
Josephus and Judaean politics
Josephus, the Bible and history
Josephus, the Bible and history
Flavius Josèphe
Josephus' description of the Essenes
Josephus as an historical source in patristic literature through Eusebius
Josephus, judaism and christianity
The Historical method of Flavius Josephus
Josephus Flavius und die Samaritaner
Josephus Aristeas, the Sibylline oracles, Eupolemus
Josephus and modern scholaship
Josephus, the historian and his society
Josefus som historieskriver
Bibliographie zu Flavius Josephus
Josephus in Galilee and Rome
The Qumran text of Samuel and Josephus
The life
Le Judaïsme de Flavius Josèphe

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